Near the end of last year I had a tidal wave of ideas surge through my brain. Really great product ideas that we partly inspired by having a new baby and probably partially  inspired or motivated out of necessity.  The first idea to make it past team approval was burpcloths and bibs. YAY for bibs and burpcloths that are cute AND functional. I've used plenty of bibs and burpcloths throughout raising my four children, but none of them worked super well AND were cute. ALSO, I was tired of smelling like baby vomit all day long. Let's be real, that was probably my only motivator. When I started to put on extra good smelling lotion at the end of the day to cover up the spit-up smell, that was it for me.

Truth: in one of our instagram LIVE video's I was thinking about bibs and randomly said something about asking for product testers. I hadn't actually talked about it with my team before hand, but they all agreed that it was a good idea and the first product testing group was created. (I don't reccommend this approach for most things, but I have an amazing team that knows me VERY well and loves me anyways)

I wasn't really sure what to expect, or how many people would be interested in being product testers, so I was completly blown away when hundreds and hundreds of you signed up to be considered. We chose a handful of applicants that had babies in the right age ranges and sent out the first iteration of bibs and burp cloths. Ideas were shared and changed were made. Again, I was blown away by the amount of care and consideration taken when reviewing the products. These bibs and burpcloths were created from necessity and a whole lot of love! I hope you enjoy not smelling like baby vomit all day!

All the best to you!



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