CUSTOMIZE your Audrey & Bear!

One of the best things about Audrey & Bear is the ability you have to work with one of our highly trained personal designers. You can change a lot about the design to make it unique to you! You can change the name, font, and any of the colors including the background and the design colors. You can also take parts of the design out and change the scaling of the design. Best part, it's FREE with your purchase!!! That's right, once you have chosen the product and design you want, you simply click on the box next to the words, "Customization" and then check out. Here's how the rest of the process works:

1. You will get an email from your personal designer. All of our designers work from home and most of them are moms! They will send this email within 24-48 hours of your purchase and will ask for information about how you'd like to customize. The email will come from orders@audreyandbear account so watch out for it and make sure you check your spam and junk folders ;)

2. Tell your designer what you want. They will provide you with the font and  color charts when they email. If you want to get a head start you can view them from here, just click on the text below the pictures.

See the Font Chart and Color Chart closer!

 You can choose whichever colors and fonts you like! When you respond with your notes make sure you give the information in bullet point format for easy reading and understanding. Here's an example of the easiest way to do this:

Bright Rockets swaddle- Name: Dayton Jay

- Dayton: font #22 Color: Medium Navy

- Jay: font # 24 Color: Pumpkin

Background: Sky Blue

Rockets: White

Rocket Fins: Medium Navy

Rocket Fire: Pumpkin

Rocket Window: Smoke Grey

Stars: White

Your designer will make the changes and send you a proof of the new version! Now the design looks like this:

Bright Rockets Swaddle Proof

3. Approve your design. If you love what they sent, great! Hit reply and tell them you approve! If not, go ahead and make changes until you are in love and it looks like what you had imagined. 

4. Your designer will send the file to production and our team will work hard to get your order done as quickly as we can. Custom orders normally ship within 2 weeks of proof approval!

 Happy Designing!!! We love seeing what you come up with!!!


- The Audrey & Bear Team