It’s nearly impossible to put into words what it truly means to become a mother for the first time. You’re on an emotional rollercoaster and bracing yourself for the “ride” of a lifetime. Here are some of my gift ideas for new moms. These are great gifts for a new mom for a baby shower, after baby arrives, Christmas, Mother’s Day…anytime really!

My Recommended Best Gifts for New Moms


Every baby needs a swaddle and deserves to have their life celebrated. Something with their name printed on is unique and specially made just for your sweet new baby. We all know how strongly I feel about swaddle blankets…hence the reason Audrey & Bear exists today! An Audrey & Bear swaddle blanket is another must have item in my book. It is the perfect gift for a new mom and her precious baby.  Made from the softest and most stretchy material, mom will love wrapping her baby in a customized swaddle. Not only will baby look absolutely darling, baby will sleep comfortably because these swaddles actually work.  Good news for the new mom…hopefully she can sleep, too! Maybe the new swaddle can even match her mommy robe?! Imagine that adorable photo opportunity?!  A new mom would be so blessed to receive such a thoughtful, yet practical gift. A matching or complimentary robe and swaddle… can’t you just swoon just thinking about it. Our swaddle blankets are 100% customizable and the best way to help celebrate life.  

Take a look at our swaddle blankets and view all of our gorgeous, playful and whimsical designs!


This next product, I am not quite sure how I survived without it for my last two pregnancies….the Audrey & Bear mommy robe. It is hands down, a game changer. I literally lived in it for weeks after giving birth to Owen. It’s all I wore. It made everything so much easier…from nursing to postpartum care for myself.  The mommy robe made me feel like a woman during a time I didn’t feel like a woman.  It’s almost like I didn’t feel human (anyone else…or maybe just me feeling this?), but once I put that robe on….ahhhhhh, a woman once again!  The material is super soft and stretchy and the wrap style makes it versatile for any woman. Our mommy robes can be found here on our website. You can design the mommy robe of your dreams and I can guarantee you’ll smile and feel good each and every time you slip it on! Mommy robes are a must have, no questions asked! They also make great gifts for new moms that are out of the hospital and those early postpartum days.  




Another must have, that I did not have for any of my children, is no-scratch mittens.  I really wish I had these for Owen because he was constantly scratching his face. Poor little guy always had little boo-boo’s. If we only had those no scratch mittens when he was a new baby. Well, guess what? Audrey & Bear wanted to solve that problem and designed no-scratch mittens that are now offered in 50 different colors. A great accent gift to go along with that new Audrey & Bear swaddle blanket! Take a look at our
no-scratch mittens and know that this small gift goes a long way!  And it will keep those tiny baby nails that grow way too quickly away from baby’s face…keeping it scratch free and as cute as ever!


It wasn’t until Owen, that I was gifted an Angel Care bathtub and fell in love with it.  It really was the best thing ever! Totally changed our bath time routine for the better. An extremely useful and practical gift that made my life easier (cheers to that) and one that my baby enjoyed.  The tub allowed him to stay warm and wet, while kicking his little legs all about! And not to mention, saved my back from leaning over constantly and supporting his head. Checks all the boxes for sure!  


Gifting a new mom and her family a mini or full photography session is one of the best gifts for new moms.  You can even add a frame as an accent gift! This gift allows a mom to look and feel her best, whilst having precious moments captured that she’s actually a part of!  Proof that, yes, mom does exist! These pictures will hang beautifully in a new mom’s home and last a lifetime. She will be thankful, just like I was when I was gifted this years ago!


A subscription box for monthly picture books, namely Chat Books.  If you are like me and want to print pictures and create memory books of your children, but can never find the time to do so…this is the ideal gift.  Let’s face it…new moms have their world turned upside down once baby arrives. Most of all they are sleep deprived. Printing pictures and scrapbooking is most likely the last thing are their busy to-do lists.  Hello Chat Books…helping new moms and not-so-new moms create the perfect memory books each and every month. It’s a super easy and fun way to create photo books of your little one packed with memories to last a lifetime.  And if you’re like me and miss your kids once they are sleeping at the end of a busy day, you’ll want to look at their adorable faces before drifting off to sleep. Leave it on your nightstand table and you’re ready to go!  You’ll be thanked over and over again if you give a new mom this thoughtful gift!


A gift that can benefit both a new mom and baby is one that speaks volumes.  Not only are you congratulating mom on her new bundle of joy, you are actually considering what will make her happy all around!  As a new mom it is hard and I mean hard, to get yourself together along with your baby and get out of the house.  You consider places that are easy, safe and practical…your options feel limiting at times.  That’s where the gift of local mommy and me classes come in as a life-saving gift. It allows a mom to get out of the house, connect with other moms that understand and are in it”, as well as do something fun with her new best friend, baby!  Some of my most fond memories and times that “got me through” early motherhood was spending time at local places meeting other new moms and chatting about everything mom and baby! 


New moms and to be honest, most moms, feel guilty when it comes to making time for themselves, no less treating themselves.  We’ve got to stop ourselves from thinking this way. We are so deserving of “me time” and taking care of ourselves.  It truly helps us be better mothers and I can honestly say that from experience.  It may not be easy to squeeze it in, but it sure does feel amazing when I am able to! Busy moms and nursing moms often aren't hands-free due to constantly holding the baby. A mom friend who can offer to give her a break will a lot of the time be exactly what she needs. Gifting a new mom an experience she will appreciate is extremely thoughtful! It gives her the go-ahead to treat herself because it was a gift!  Consider treating her with a gift certificate to a massage, manicure/pedicure, workout class, or whatever it is that she will enjoy! She will be ecstatic!  Help her plan when she can go…maybe even offer to watch the baby! That’s the extra icing on an already awesome gift!  



There’s nothing like the gift of food for a new mom!  Whether it be for after baby arrives, Mother’s Day, Christmas…a home cooked meal, delivery from her favorite restaurant, a yummy treat, gift card to a local restaurant or a food subscription box is SO appreciated!  Food not only brings comfort and joy, it saves mom time from having to cook herself.  It helps relieve her from one more task off her to-do list and to know that she’ll eat!  Finding time to eat, especially as a first-time mom, is tricky! You’ll eventually find the time to eat one-handed, but it will most likely be something you can grab quick!

Food subscription boxes such as Hello Fresh or Blue Apron, deliver meals to your door that you can prepare easily and have a home cooked meal on your table in no time!  That means no grocery store trips or recipe searching, allowing more time for baby snuggles or other things on your mile-long to-do list! With a gift like this, you’ll help her feel like super mom every time she’s in the kitchen!  

That’s a Wrap

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed reading!  Moms are nothing short of amazing, heroic, selfless, brave, determined and so much more.  They all deserve a special treat during this new season in their lives. Make sure to give the new mom in your life the gift that speaks to your heart and hers!


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