Tis’ the holiday season to shop for the important men in your life.  When it comes to shopping for men the struggle seems to be similar across the board.  It is a tough job but someone has to do it….and that someone is YOU! What do I buy him?  What does he need?  What does he want?  He has everything!  He says he doesn’t need anything!  But of course, I am buying him something!

For most of you, let’s face it, those of you that are reading this right now…care about what you buy the men in your life.  You’re putting in the time, the effort, the patience, the love and everything in between. You want to buy them something that you know they will enjoy, use or get excited about.  You want to find that perfect gift!  Man, oh man (pun intended), checking those boxes is awfully hard.

Let’s talk about checking those boxes and finding the “a-ha” gift for those important men in your life!  If you’re buying a gift for him, it’s fair to assume you know enough information about them to help guide you in the right direction.  And if you don’t, you best find out! You must know their likes, hobbies and interests to begin the gift giving process...that’s if you want them to have a genuine smile when they open their present!

Whether you’re buying for your husband, father, grandfather, uncle, son, cousin, friend…this gift list for the important men in your life will have you covered!  

Gift Ideas for the Sports Man

For the guy who loves sports there are so many brilliant and unique items, as well as experiences you can gift him.  Just a few suggestions that are sure to be a home run for any sports enthusiast: 

  • Tickets:  buy him tickets to see his favorite team.  Nothing beats seeing the team you love in person rather than on television.  Hopefully you can go along with him if you so desire and cheer them on! Let’s go!
  • Day out: whether he loves to golf, play tennis, hit up the batting cages, bowl a game, snow ski, etc., you can gift him an experience!  Sure to be a big hit!
  • Indoor skydiving lessons: experience the thrill of skydiving without actually jumping out of a plane.  The gift of adventure awaits!
  • Sports related products: hats, shirts, drinking glasses, pillows, blankets, cutting boards, framed photos, books and more.


Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsy Man

Who knows a man that would live in the great outdoors if he could?!  Well here are some specular ideas for Mr. Outdoors:

  • The portable campfire: this easy to light and portable reusable campfire is perfect for the backyard, camping or a night at the beach.  Burns for 3-5 hours guaranteeing ideal time to sit back, relax and be one with nature! And maybe engage in some campfire stories, songs and s’more making…yum!
  • Go Pro Camera: he can capture all of his outdoor adventures while hands-free!  A great way to collect memories while doing what he loves!
  • Hammock: the best way for him to kick back, relax and enjoy the view outside!  Nothing beats soaking in the sun, fresh air and taking an outside snooze!


Gift Ideas for the Practical Man

We all know that man in our lives that only wants practical gifts.  And while we understand that mentality, it does feel somewhat boring to buy these gifts just because they’ll get good use.  Gift giving should be fun and leave you feeling good, too! Take a spin on practical gift giving with these items:

  • Cozy Blanketwhether he’s curling up watching his favorite television show, reading a book or relaxing in bed…our Dad blanket is the absolute perfect blanket to cuddle up with!  It’s not just any cozy blanket! Our Dad blanket is 100% customizable and ideal for any man in your life! We have a large collection of designs to choose from, as well as 50 colors and 15 font choices.  It is quite large measuring 60”x84” and has a super soft minky front and Sherpa backside. This is guaranteed to be his new favorite blanket. And if you think he’ll share?! Think again! Don’t miss out on this unique and cozy gift…check out our Dad blankets for all of your favorite men in your life!
  •  Personalized men’s wallet:  every man carries a wallet, right?  It’s part of their pants check before they leave the house…wallet, keys, phone…ready to go!  Men wear their wallets hard and it’s a product they use daily. So why not get them a wallet like no other…one meant just for them.  It can have their initials, name, a phrase…something that speaks to them! Be sure to check out Etsy shops for this great gift idea!
  • 11-in-1 credit card tool:  a credit card- sized stainless steel tool he can keep in his wallet.  It has countless numbers of uses and rest assured, it will never fail him!  He’ll be known as the guy that can open, fix, screw, or cut when he’s out and about!  


Gift Ideas for the Healthy Man

If you know a health-conscious man that’s looking to always make the best choices when it comes to his body and mind, these gifts are sure to fuel him:

  • Stainless steel water bottle: the perfect bottle to keep your water ice cold all day long!  They are strong, durable and easy to clean. Take one with you wherever you go to stay hydrated!  There are a variety of brands, sizes and shapes out there to suit any man in your life. Drink up!
  • Fit bit:  keep track of your exercise, movement, fitness activities and more throughout the day.  Not only will it record all of the above for you it also acts as a watch, access sports apps and more, as well as receive calls, texts, and calendar use.  This device allows the man in your life to be aware of the healthy choices he makes daily, set and achieve goals, and note progress overtime. All that and more available right on your wrist!
  • Classes:  find out where he likes to work out and buy a class pack!  
  • Gift basket: fill a basket with his favorite healthy snacks, healthy cookbook, workout gear, water bottle, new smoothie cup, a gift card to his favorite local health food store/restaurant


Gift Ideas for the Tech Man

Do you know a man that is always up on the latest technology trends and wants to keep up with these changing trends?  Below are a few tech gifts for the tech-loving man in your life:

  • Tile Pro Tracker:  is he always losing important personal items?  This gadget will help him keep track of these items as long as his phone is within Bluetooth range.  Say hello to misplaced items and good-bye to wasted time searching and frustration!  
  • Charging stations: for the man that has multiple devices that need to be charged and charged quickly!  There are a variety of options so with some research you can find the one that is high quality and best suits his needs!  He’ll get all “charged up” about this awesome gift!
  • Camera: for the man that loves photography and technology.  The best way to capture everyday moments and subjects of interest.  A gift that truly keeps on giving…even better if he prints the photos!
  • Video doorbell: an added feature to your home for men that want an extra level of safety and security to protect their home and family.  Priceless!


Gift Ideas for the Foodie Man

Is there a man in your life that is super passionate about all things food…eating, cooking, dining out?!  Well, let’s just say there are plenty of go-to gifts that will satisfy all of his cravings and more! Check them out:

  • Hot sauce:  it tends to be a “man” thing…just put hot sauce in/on it!  So why not gift the hot sauce loving man in your life a hot sauce sampler pack, hot sauce monthly subscription or make your hot sauce pack.  His taste buds will happily thank you!
  • Cook books: stock up his kitchen library with some new cookbooks from his favorite cuisine
  • Personalized apron: make him feel like the master chef with a unique apron with his initials or name
  • Restaurant gift certificate: let him spend the night out at his favorite restaurant…maybe he’ll even bring you!
  • Cooking classes: give him the gift of learning more about cooking, techniques, cuisine and more!  Hopefully he’ll invite you over for dinner soon after!


Gift Ideas for the Smarts Man

These two gifts are strictly meant for men that want to learn more about themselves and improve their knowledge and skill set.  

  • Ancestry DNA: help him discover his family history and identify relationships with unknown family.  A journey awaits!
  • Masterclass: allows him to learn from the masters from the comfort of home!  With over 60+ instructors, he can access classes to just about anything he’s interested in!  A chance for him to try some things on his bucket list!


Gift Ideas for the Shaving & Grooming Man

Whether the men in your life are clean cut or love to grow a beard, we have you covered!

  • The Art of Shaving Cream: take shaving to a whole new level of pampering and feeling smooth and refreshed.  What a treat!
  • Beard and face oil: self-care for the face and beard to not only feel good but look good, too!
  • Grooming kits: for the man that loves to groom himself and stay organized!  Take it up a notch and get a personalized kit!
  • Wet/dry electric shaver: the perfect tool for him to meet all of his shaving needs in one!
  • Beard bib: helps him with post beard cleanup by catching all his trimmings!  No more sweeping or vacuuming for him or anyone else!


Gift Ideas for the Music Man

Do you know a man that is always listening to music, constantly talks about his favorite band/song, is a concert goer or loves to see the newest musical in town?  These music-related items can’t be beat:

  • Tickets:  gift him tickets to see his favorite singer, band, musical.  How about by 2 and you can go with him?! Or let him take the person of his choosing.  Either way, he’ll be sure to thank you for a fun and memorable experience
  • Wifi and Bluetooth speaker: give him the gift of listening to his favorite music anywhere, anytime, anyplace!  A gift that will surely be music to his ears!
  • Wireless and Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones: the most amazing headphones that a music lover will ever own.  Not only can you peacefully listen to your favorite music, you can also watch and listen to videos, accept phone calls, use voice activation assistance and more!  It’s like having a musical assistant attached to his ears…he’ll be “head over ears” for this gift!


Gift Ideas for the Gaming Man

Why not help the men in your life channel their inner child?!  There’s something about gaming that keeps a man young at heart.  Here’s to never growing up:

  • Gaming console: what’s his favorite system?  Does he need an upgrade? Does he want to try something new?  This is the way to his heart and will leave him playing happily for hours on end!
  • Video games:  he’s going to need some new video games to play on his gaming console.
  • Remote control maybe he already has the system and all the games.  Next up, a new remote that makes gaming bigger and better!


Gift Ideas for the Fashion Man

Many of us think it’s just women that are into fashion and their appearance…no, no, no!  There are lots of men out there that take pride in how they look, dress and carry themselves.  Let’s see how you can help in that department: 

  • Personalized socks:  socks are where it’s at these days!  When you pair a fun, yet stylish, pair with the right pants…fashion on point or “cool dude”, depending on the man!  While there is an abundance of amazing sock styles, take it up a notch and order a pair of personalized socks for the sock-lover in your life!  
  • Morse code bracelet for the man that enjoys wearing bracelets, why not add a special one to his collection.  Order your Morse code bracelet and have it read a sentimental, loving, funny or inspirational message that the man in your life can wear as a daily reminder!
  • Watch subscription box: the wrist accessory for a watch-loving man!  Men can enjoy a new watch every month and add it to their growing collection!  Check out watch subscriptions for men before time runs out this holiday season!  Tick tock, tick tock!
  • Monogrammed cuff links:  the perfect subtle addition to a man’s dressy attire.  It’s safe to say they will be a staple item that makes him smile when he dresses up for work, a night out or just because!  Not to mention, one-of-a-kind!  


Time to Shop Til’ You Drop!

Hopefully you gathered some helpful ideas for all of the important men in your life.  Come to think of it…shopping for men really isn’t that tough, right?! What was all that fuss about anyways?! There are so many options, you can’t seem to go wrong these days!  

So whether you are jumping in your car to hit the stores or ordering on-line, best of luck and may all the men love and appreciate your thoughtful gifts this holiday season!  Cheers!




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