It’s Mother's Day week, everyone!

This is the time of year that mothers everywhere bask in the glow of the recognition they so richly deserve. Motherhood is hard. We know this. Parenting books, motherhood blogs like this one, and pretty much any mama who's honest will tell you about the sacrifices, the hard days, and the exhausting nights. And they’re right! When I became a mother, the old me died an excruciating death at the tiny hands of the cutest little baby boy you’ve ever seen. But...I'm not here to talk about that today. Today is a celebration of just a few of the things I love about being a mother. It’s a list of the reasons we all say the same thing when we’re finished lamenting about sleep regressions, teething troubles, and temper tantrums: “It’s worth it.” Children are such a gift. Nurturing life and helping to shape a person’s character is a high honor and a heavy responsibility, but the reward is truly magnificent. Here are some of the reasons I love being a mother to my son:

He adores me. I’ve spent countless hours rocking him, bathing him, feeding him and cleaning up the food he so enthusiastically decorates the kitchen with, and the result is a little human who looks at me like I’m Mother Teresa, Wonder Woman, and the Queen of England all rolled into one. (It’s such an ego boost.) The frustrations of the day fade away when he falls asleep with his cheek pressed against mine. I feel renewed energy when I hold out my arms and he runs into them with reckless abandon. He loves his grandparents and his daddy with all of his heart, but when he is sick, tired, or hurting, he seeks the comfort of MY arms...because I’m his mother. I know this will change with age, but for the moment, I’m soaking it all in.

The laughs. Little kids do the funniest things. Each day I find some sweetly mangled word, some hilarious expression, or even some mischievous behavior to bring unexpected amusement into my life. It’s like living with a tiny comedian whose humor is never off-color. And as a bonus, he also finds me super hilarious!

I get to watch him grow. (And it’s happening way too fast!) Hearing his first giggle was boundless delight. Watching him learn to walk was incredible pride. Hearing him say “Mommy” “Daddy” and “puppy” for the first time almost made my heart explode. I look into his big, brown eyes, and I see myself. In his passion for life and magnetic personality, I see his father. He is learning and growing so much, and I have the privilege of being there for every precious minute of it...because I’m his mother.

Lastly, I have a new and richer understanding of the way my Heavenly Father loves me. Life stretches ahead of my very young son, and I know there will be hard things to work through and teach him. I know he will do things that make me sad. But I also know this. There is nothing he could do, absolutely NOTHING, that could ever change my love for him. And how much greater and purer is the love of The Father for us!

Yes, there are hard days. I have them all the time. But this week, let’s ignore the messes, hug our children a little tighter, and above all, remember what a gift it is to be called “Mommy”. Happy Mother’s Day!

-Chelsey Weiler


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