If you're like us, you love to use your Minky Blankets for wintertime cuddles and nighttime snuggles. BUT, have you ever used them for summertime adventures?
We've always envisioned our plethora of Minky Products being a staple in our community's snow filled homes + trips to grans for holidays- but our amazing community has opened our eyes to all the possibilities of Minky in the summer!


5 Ways to Use Minky Blankets in the Summer:

1. Chilly Nights Camping - the perfect cover for fire time cuddles + keeping warm at night

2. Sleepovers Under the Stars - keeping warm in sleepover sacks while counting constellations atop the trampoline

3. Picnics - with their fav treats atop

4. Indoor Forts + Movie Nights - having fun and getting creative for nights in

5. Backyard Fires - telling stories, playing games, + keeping warm with your fav people

 Minky Blankets in the Summer

The list could surely go on and on, but we'll cut it short and let you start envisioning your own spin on Minky in the summer! With sizes ranging from baby {car seat blankets} and big kid {in two sizes}, to adult / family name blankets {3 sizes} we're pretty sure we've got you covered no matter what adventures you embark upon with your favorite people + cozy Minky's!



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