Every summer I try to be a "fun" mom and do things with my kids that make summer as exciting as possible! Last year I was pregnant and so so sick and well, we didn't do much. This year I'm going to try to make up for it and go all out! Here's our summer bucket list! I hope it inspires some ideas of your own!

1. Go on a bug catching adventure in the woods.

2. Eat outside as much as possible.

3. BBQ a lot!

4. Make giantic bubbles.

5. Build an outdoor fort.

6. Find a Farmer's Market and buy fresh produce or something handmade.

7. Run through the sprinklers.

8. Play on a Slip n' Slide.

9. Watch fireworks.

10. Go to the zoo.

11. Ride horses.

12. Feed the ducks at the pond.

13. Sleep under the stars.

14. Take a telescope to a dark place and look at the constellations.

15. Go to the beach.

16. Get dinner at a food truck.

17. Go to the county fair.

18. Swim as much as possible.

19. Go to educational camps.

20. Plant a garden.

21. Cut flowers and arrange them in a vase.

22. Make homemade ice cream and root beer.

23. Play with SO MANY FRIENDS.

24. Travel to a new place and try new food.

25. Ride go-carts.

26. Make birdhouses.

27. Bake treats together.

28. Go on a hike.

29. Ride bikes.

30. Visit a farm.


Happy summer adventuring!





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