Floor pillows, Floor Pillows, FLOOR PILLOWS!!!

Seriously, one of the most versatile pieces of kids furniture... maybe ever? I've had floor pillows in my kids' rooms for quite a while now and they are always being used somehow. Reading nooks, stuffed animal beds, drawing cushions, you name it! We recently finished our basement and now we have a stack of them in the play room too! They make great fort furniture, are perfect for stair sledding and make the perfect "nest" for any animal family (can't just be my kids that pretend to be animals ALL THE TIME).

But wait, there's more!!! Try creating stacks for your family room, movie room and really most other parts of the house. Anywhere that your family likes to gather together, there should probably be a stack of floor pillows so that everyone has their own cozy spot to sit or lay on! Here's a few styling tips:

1. Play Room Stacks - Every play room is meant to be a space for free expression and imagination. Audrey & Bear customizable floor pillows enhance little minds by bringing playful visions to life. Customize their favorite theme so that it matches their play space. Use their favorite colors and patterns on their floor pillow cover now and design extra covers in the future!

Kids Floor Pillows for playroomsKids playroom floor pillows

2. Family Room Stacks - Family meetings are now much more comfy! Stack em' high in the corner of the room as a piece of decor until it's time to have a family meeting, watch a movie or play charades. This way, everyone gets their own space and can focus on the meeting instead of poking each other ;) Kids can easily clean them up by stacking them when their done.


3. Combo Room Floor Pillows - As much as everyone would like a dedicated play space for their kids, sometimes it's just not possible. You can easily transform any space into a cozy kid reading nook or snuggly quiet corner with an oversized floor pillow. Design one (or a few) to match the decor in the piano room, office, living room or any other space in your home!

piano room

4. Movie Room Stacks - A great movie, yummy treats and a comfy spot with your name on it... the perfect Saturday night family memory! In our movie room each kid has their own spot, so there's no fighting over where everyone will sit! Just hop in and have a great time!

5. Bedroom Floor Pillows - Sleepover's become so much more manageable when you can pull out a few floor pillows to sleep on. My girls actually have sleepovers in each others' rooms often. No need to re-arrange the whole room... just pull out a couple of floor pillows and you have an instant bed! Store them under the bed to maximize space while you aren't using them!

6. Guest Room Floor Pillows - It's always good to have more guest space for all of your visitors! Having a few spare floor pillows is super convenient when you need just one extra bed! Design them to match the decor and you have a beautiful visually comfy addition!


Have so much fun creating you're perfect, kid-friendly (and beautiful) floor pillow stacks!






  • We LOVE our floor pillow! We worked with a designer to match my daughter’s beloved big kid sloth blanket from the retired prints and we couldn’t be happier! Looking forward to ordering another one for my other daughter!
    Gina Spinale Apr 20, 2021

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