One of the things that I love about Audrey & Bear is the extent to which we can customize our items. Here's a little guide we put together to help you with your font choices.

Different Types of Fonts

Our Audrey & Bear font chart has been specially curated with modern fonts to fit a wide variety of tastes. Our font chart features three different types of fonts; script font, serif fonts and sans serif fonts.

A serif font is a font that has a small extra stroke at the the end of the letters. These fonts are often easy to read, and are great for making a bold statement with a little bit of flair. 

A sans serif font is a font that does not have the small extra stroke at the end of the letters. These fonts at times can seem a little more simplistic than the serif fonts. They are great for pairing with a script font or for using in a busy pattern. 

A script font is a font that is similar to handwritten cursive. The letters can often connect like cursive writing. These fonts are excellent for bringing a bit of elegance or whimsy to a design. 

Size & Shape

One thing you want to keep in mind when choosing fonts is the size and the shape of the letters. Some fonts tend to be narrow and tall, while other can be short and wide. 

Below are some examples of different sizes. Believe it or not, these fonts are all the same font size. You can see how the names on the top row are shorter and wider than the names on the bottom row. 

The fonts used for Eleanor are Daisy Days & Dear Diary. The fonts use for Matthew are Friendly Giant & Morning Dew.


On some of our designs, you'll want to consider the layout of the design when choosing your font. In the image below, the space for the name is wider than it is tall. So if you have a name with a lot of letters, using a short and wide font could cause the name to appear smaller than if you used a tall and narrow font. In the example below, you can see that we're able to make the name with a more narrow font a little bit bigger because there's less space in the width of the letters.

However, if you have a shorter name, the wider font would be better at filling the space than a more narrow font. 

Combining Fonts

If you would like two names on the design (like a first name and a middle name), you can combine fonts to make your design extra special. If you're wanting the first name to stand out, you can use a script font or a more bold font for the first name and then a simple sans serif font for the middle name. 

Our personal designers have put together their favorite font combinations. Check them out!


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