thoroughly tested!

As a mother of two, I was very surprised to discover that baby blankets and clothing have very few restrictions or regulations under United States law. This is concerning because chemicals such as formaldehyde and azo dyes can in some cases cause irritation and, though the risk of any long-term effects is extremely small, they are best avoided! I didn't want my blankets to increase your child's exposure to these chemicals in any way, so I had my blankets thoroughly tested by Intertek Laboratories and they found that the materials and inks I use are free of formaldehyde and azo dyes.

I also had Intertek test the pH value of my products (a bad pH value can cause skin irritation), and they found that my products have a pH value of 6.0 (which is great for sensitive skin!).

In short, you can feel confident that your Audrey's Bear products are safe for your little one :)

For more information, feel free to check out the test report

(Please note that these tests were performed after washing the blanket, so be sure to follow the care instructions for best results)