Free Customization + Additional Design Fees Explained

Did you know that Audrey & Bear keepsakes are 100% customizable!?

With our most popular customization options being free, we do offer a few ultra-customization options that require an additional fee (which goes straight to your personal designer for their incredible work!).


Most customizations are completely FREE! Here's a list of customization options that don't cost anything extra:

- Working one-on-one with a Personal Designer

- Color change to any font, element, or background

- Change of font style

- Scaling the whole design up or down

- Adding large wording on top of the design

- Adding patterns, shapes, or elements


A free customization may look like...

Frolicking Fawns free customization example


Lost in Space customization example



For next level customizations (with a $10.50 design fee):

- Combining two or more designs

- Adding in a quote/birth stats

- Adding in a large name to a design

- Adding in any sort of wreath-like element

- Creating unique name placements (not shown in listing photos)

- Enlarging elements and placing them outside of the original design


Customizations here may look like...

Springtime Floral customization example


Farm Living Customization example



For even more customizations (with a $15.75 design fee):

- Adding in custom handwriting

- Adding in photographs

- Creating birth trees or wreaths

- Using big kid/personal artwork (up to 3 drawings; more require an additional fee)


Customizations here may look like...



For the most customizations (with a $20.90 design fee):

- Have your designer create a new design for you (up to 3 elements, more will require additional fees- design can't violate any copyright/infringement laws)


An example of a customization we've done here before...

 Fully new customized design


*Depending on the number of products & varying amount of customizations, fees are subject to change.


We can't wait to start working with you, & designing YOUR story!

If you're interested to know if we can help you create something, or have any questions at all please email us at - we'll be happy to help you out!