Names, names, names. We all have them, we all uniquely identify with them in one way or another... so picking our kiddos names somehow feels like choosing who they'll eventually become {even though the rational part of our brains know that's not the case, lol}.

So, to hopefully ease your mind and aid in helping you pick your next blessings name- we've compiled a list of the names that have made their way onto Audrey & Bear keepsakes the most in July of 2021!

With a continuation of classic names coming back in style, I know you'll find something you love {for either first OR middle names}!

Make sure to bring the joy of a new child with a fabulous Gender Reveal. As well as having the perfect gift to wrap them in on day one.


July 2021 Top Baby Names

Girl Boy
Grace William
Rose Thomas
Sloane Beckett
Mae Everett
Elizabeth Brody
Nora Jackson
Olivia Leo
Maeve James



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