What I Wish I Knew as a First Time Audrey & Bear Customer

I think it’s fair to say that you came to Audrey & Bear by way of looking for a unique baby item and the rest is history. While there may be some of you that stumbled upon us for another reason, baby blankets are typically the front runner. Audrey & Bear started in the baby space and that is how we came to be the blossoming company we are today. Lucky for us, and YOU, Audrey & Bear now offers SO much more than baby blankets. There is a keepsake for every member of your family at Audrey & Bear.

Something unique and personalized is the perfect gift for a new baby and their family, right? Audrey & Bear offers just that AND more! Audrey & Bear’s customization process sets us above all the rest. We offer a customization experience that no one else does. Not only can you personalize a baby blanket, you can also change the font and all the colors within the design.  Now that sounds like a one-of-a-kind blanket, doesn’t it?

As a first time customer of Audrey & Bear way back when, there are a few things I wish I knew then that I do now. While I was over-the-moon with the product and it is a keepsake I will treasure forever, I didn’t fully understand or take advantage of the customization process. Fast forward to today and having ordered and gifted too many items to even count, the customization is BY FAR my favorite part (and I think it’ll be yours, too) and what really helps make each and every item special!

Let’s Talk Customization

You are going to LOVE working with one of our personal designers. They work effortlessly to bring your visions and dreams to life. The customization experience is unique to each customer and it’ll leave you on the edge of your seat until your package arrives in the mail or the lucky recipient opens it upon delivery.

Shopping and Designing Tips

Shop with a vision in mind. Is there a particular design of interest, theme, trend you are looking for? Are you planning on designing a blanket to coordinate with or compliment the nursery? Or maybe you are simply picking a design because you love it! Narrowing down what you’re looking for will help guide you as you select your Audrey & Bear design.

Find Your Favorite Font

With over 28 fonts to choose from we promise that you’ll find one that you love.  By customizing the font only, it is amazing how it can change the entire look of the original design. This is the ideal route to take if you love everything about the original design except for the font. Get a jump start by heading on over to our font generator to see what the name you chose looks like in our available fonts. It’s so much fun!

Choose Colors

Are you absolutely in love with the design but not the colors? Color customization is the perfect option for you to choose colors that work for you and make you smile!

We currently offer 101 gorgeous colors on our Audrey & Bear color chart. Wow! We understand that so many options may feel overwhelming. Here are some helpful suggestions:

  1. Figure out if you’ll be using colors to match/coordinate with a nursery?  Use colors you like in general?
  2. If you don’t have something to work off of, I suggest taking a look at Pinterest for inspiration. You can search color boards to give you an idea of color combinations, tones, etc. and then you can easily compare those to our Audrey & Bear color chart. Our personal designers are there to help you every step of the way!
  3. You can decide to only change the background color. This simple step really changes the feel of the entire design, especially when you go from a light background to a darker background.
  4. Change all the colors in the design. You will be amazed at the difference and how it can feel like a totally different design once you are finished. One that you created and can be proud of!

Enjoy the experience and we promise once you make your final decision, you will adore your final product!

That’s a Wrap

Our customization process is available on ALL of our items from swaddle blankets, minky blankets, towels, capes, aprons, every day bags and more! Customizing keepsakes for family and friends is an experience like no other. Our entire team is proud of what we do and everything we stand for. Let’s celebrate life together!

If you have any questions at all, please email us at friends@audreyandbear.com.

Happy designing!


  • Hello

    I’m looking to personalize toddler blankets but i don’t see an option for that

    Rosa Cordova-Luth Sep 27, 2022
  • Do you have any type of fishing themes?

    Timothy Harkness Sep 16, 2022
  • Please contact me. Want to customize pls

    Ericka Urias Sep 16, 2022
  • Hi, I had a blanket made for my nephew in 2019. Not sure how it works but wondering if I’d be able to do the same blanket with a different animal for my new nephew that we will be ordering within the next couple of weeks and how to go about it. Would love to have it ready to go so as soon as I know the name I can put the order in!

    Thanks so much!

    Shelby Apr 14, 2022

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