When I was pregnant with my third child I was excited for what was to come. I also knew what was coming!

I know, that sounds VERY contradictory.

If you are a mother of more than one child you know exactly what I mean. Expecting a baby is a very exciting time. The wonder of who this tiny human will be is enough to keep you lost in daydreams for a good long while. Buying all the things in anticipation is very very fun and getting to be the center of attention pretty much wherever you go is kind of awesome. The flip side of the coin is the feeling of having no control over your body or emotions. Heartburn. Restless leg syndrome. Fatigue and vomiting, SO MUCH VOMITING! The list of uncomfortable things you will endure is oh so long and different for every person and for every pregnancy.

So, while I was excited to welcome our first baby boy after two girls I was also looking for practicality. I wanted comfort. And that was when we started working on our very first robe! My list of requirements was short: mid calf length, unrestricting arms, a neck line that would allow for coverage but also be conducive for breastfeeding and SO MUCH ROOM around the mid section!

Once I put on our first prototype I knew these were going to be a big deal!

It is the robe you can wear your entire pregnancy, during birth and throughout your post-partum time of healing. It is great for skin-to-skin, nursing, sleeping, and also wearing around the house taking care of everything and everyone else. 

So here you are, your FIRST pregnancy purchase! Design it how you want, and live in it forever!!!

Start here, you won't regret it!





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