Baby shower gifting can be a fun experience OR it can be really difficult depending on how well you know the expecting mom, how much time you have and if they have a registry or not. When it comes to gifting for a baby, everyone wants to give something useful AND cute. 

Add customization to your cart to start this magical process! When you work with our designers you get to choose the design and then modify the colors and fonts to create something unique and really special. One thing that I love to do is to use the baby shower invitation as inspiration.

baby shower invite

It makes things so much easier when you know what colors the mom likes (if they liked the invitation, its probably a good sign they like the colors on it ;). You can also get a good idea for a theme just by looking at it. Do they like minimal shapes, flowers, animals or something else. We make it a point to have a wide variety of design options for boys, girls or for parents who are waiting to find out gender at birth.

Here's one mamma's experience receiving her Audrey & Bear gift:

"We were gifted a beautiful box of Audrey & Bear products when we had Olivia.  I still remember opening the box and feeling the swaddle blanket for the first time.
The fabric is incredible!!!  SO, SO SOFT!!! 
Add to that, it was BEAUTIFUL!  The colors perfectly matched her nursery, the design was super cute, and it had HER NAME ON IT!!! 
My gorgeous girl now had a beautiful swaddle blanket all her own!  One that wasn’t a hand-me-down from her brothers or sister.  One that was made especially, with so much love, just for her! IT WAS PERFECT!!!" - Sonia Herbst


Getting Started:

1. Go to the website and look through the products. Decide which one(s) you like. If this is your first experience with us and you are buying for a baby we recommend purchasing a swaddle. They are truly one of a kind! If you want to do something different, I'd say the hooded baby towels are probably my second favorite for gifting.

2. Select the design. Use the baby shower invite as inspiration. Do they like flowers? nature? minimal shapes? animals? We do our very best to have a wide range of designs available for all babies and families!

3. Check out. Make sure your email address is correct and please double check the address. We recommend that you add route protection due to the postal difficulties these days. At this point you can add gift wrapping if you are sending it directly to the recipient. It will be wrapped inside an A & B box and then placed in a poly mailer for shipping.

4. Approve your proofs. Your personal designer will be reaching out to you via email and will send you a proof of the design you chose in the colors and fonts that you want. You are welcome to make as many edits you want until it's perfect, there's no extra fee.

5. Wait for shipment. We ship everything within 1-2 weeks after the design has been approved and sent to production. Everything is very carefully handmade in our production studio in Utah.

6. Lastly, feel so satisfied once the mamma-to-be opens your gift and can't believe her eyes. She'll be so so excited, I guarantee it!


Happy Gifting!






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