The baby kicks, the eating for two (I know, I know… this isn’t really a thing), and the preparing for the incredible little human you will be bringing into the world…

Having a baby is an amazing experience!

Add to it the BABY SHOWER - 

Your family and friends joining you for a fun afternoon to celebrate your sweet baby…

Talk about icing on that cake for two (Yep, I get it… not a ‘thing’.  But wouldn’t it be grand if it was! 😉) !!!

If you are the momma, your job is complete (save thank you notes) after you choose a theme. 

If you are a party attendee, your jobs include finding the ‘perfect’ gift and showing up for a good time. 

The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

You got the invite and saved the date on your calendar. 

Now to find the PERFECT gift…

Anyone who’s attended a baby shower knows momma will be gifted with loads of baby outfits, a handful of burp cloths, and even a diaper cake or two. 

So, what should you get that is DIFFERENT?  …   Something that one of the other guests didn’t already pick-up at Target?  …  Something that will be LOVED and well used by mom and baby? 

Let me take all the guess work out for you…

An Audrey & Bear Swaddle Blanket is THE PERFECT GIFT! 

I came to know of Audrey & Bear after being gifted AB blankets for my 4th baby.  Olivia is our fourth, so we were already well stocked on baby essentials.    We had the baby gear, the carriers, a few of the muslin blankets (gasp!).  So, our generous friends and family had to get a bit more creative in finding gifts we didn’t already have from babies 1-3. 

Rachel and Daniel (clever, clever people, I’ll tell ya) gifted us with a beautiful box of Audrey & Bear products when we had Olivia.  I still remember opening the box and feeling the swaddle blanket for the first time.

The fabric is incredible!!!  SO, SO SOFT!!! 

Add to that, it was BEAUTIFUL!  The colors perfectly matched her nursery, the design was super cute, and it had HER NAME ON IT!!! 

My gorgeous girl now had a beautiful swaddle blanket all her own!  One that wasn’t a hand-me-down from her brothers or sister.  One that was made especially, with so much love, just for her!


For these reasons and so many more:

* SOFT AND STRETCHY … perfect for baby, when swaddled, resembling momma’s womb.

* CUSTOM DESIGNED … colors perfectly coordinating with any nursery.

* PERSONALIZED… a gift that is loving made just for baby.

* SWADDLE4SWADDLE… knowing a baby in the NICU will also benefit from a swaddle blanket because of your purchase makes this gift all that much more incredible. 

* UNIQUE … one-of-a-kind and is as unique and special as baby.

Swaddling with an Audrey & Bear Blanket

Olivia is my fourth, so by now, I have mastered swaddling.  I could swaddle in my sleep (in fact many groggy nights, I’m sure I did!).  So, I can assure you, it isn’t my swaddling technique.  But when I swaddled my babies in ‘those’ muslin blankets, they always managed to Houdini wriggle themselves free.  Every.Single.Time. Always at least one arm working its way out of the blanket, leaving it ready and waiting to startle them awake. 

Enter the Audrey & Bear Swaddle Blanket

I remember using our AB Swaddle Blanket for the first time, simply because of how pretty it is, not then realizing it had 'magic powers'. I still remember being remarkably surprised at how much easier it was to get a snug swaddle because of how stretchy the fabric is.  And I remember being even more surprised at how blissfully Olivia slept.  No wriggling free!!!  No arms triumphantly breaking free and waving in the wind!!!

It’s the ‘magic blanket’!!!  From that day on, we never used another blanket.  Our AB was the one blanket that outshined all other blankets!  Seriously!  She slept better, and as a result, so did we.  And that sleep alone makes this blanket priceless (they do have a cost however… just $29 for a customized, personalized blanket!  Yes, I know!!!  I was surprised at how affordable the blankets are too!!!).

Fast forward a year and a half, and I STILL tell anyone and everyone who will listen about this company and their blankets!!!  The constant cheerleading is how I came to work for AB too… but, more about that another day!  Even to this day, we still use Olivia’s blanket in the car to keep her warm while in her car seat (no wearing coats in the car seat, folks!). 

It truly is the PERFECT BABY GIFT!!!

Colors chosen by YOU. Personalized.  An incredible giveback program (swaddle4swaddle).  Incredible quality.  And extremely affordable. Seriously, what more could you ask for??!  😊

I know what I am buying for the next baby shower!!!   Do you

Leave me a note!  I’d love to know how many of you came to know of AB because of your success in finding the perfect baby shower gift! 



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