I've always believed that kids should get to be kids! They have such a short amount of time where playing alone is the most important development activity for their little brains.

Allowing children toward self-directed play encourages them to develop skills like leadership, creativity and problem solving. It doesn't take much more than an idea or a single toy to send kids into hours of blissful imaginative play! Here's some ideas for you:

1. {Jurassic Dreams} A baby dinosaur desperately wants to climb the biggest mountain so that he can eat the leaves at the very top. His friends want to go with him!

2. {Fairytale Princess} A princess who lives in a magical garden loves to take care of her fury friends by finding food and playing with them!

3. {Super Hero} Superheroes rule the world with their powers! What kind of superhero are you?

4. {Mystical Master} An old wizard who lives in a tall tower likes to cast spells on animals so they can talk to him!

5. {Butterfly Wings} A beautiful butterfly emerges from her cocoon and learns to fly as she collects many colorful flowers.

Customize your capes with your child's favorite colors and watch the magic unfold!

Our PLAY CAPE COLLECTION launches on September 14th!




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