When I think about giving a gift to a family member or friend I'm always looking for two things: the wow factor and usability. There's nothing quite like watching someone completely blown away by the gift you've given them. It shows how well you know someone and how well you've been paying attention!

I've put together a gift guide that includes something for just about everyone, guaranteed to have the wow factor AND get a lot of use! If you are gifting for the holidays, birthdays, baby showers or any other occasion, you'll be able to draw inspiration from this list for sure! I've included many Audrey & Bear items of course, and have also added in a few things from some other favorite brands!


Gifting to the freshest babe? New babies are the best! They smell so great, love you unconditionally and are bursting with potential. Gift them a gift that highlights the first part of their identity, their name! Swaddle sets are the best way to do this and Audrey & Bear as so many options! Combined Gift Price $59.00

-Audrey & Bear Swaddle and Hat Set


Baby bib, baby gift

Gifting for older babies and toddlers? Combine these two things to create a package that will be both used and loved. Customize your Audrey & Bear bib set to match the silicone dinnerware by working with our very talented designers to create a very cute dining experience!! Combined Gift Price $69.99

- Audrey & Bear Bib Bundle 

- EZPZ First Foods Set


family minky blanket

Shopping for something REALLY meaningful? Our oversized family name blankets are perfect for pleasing every mom, dad, grandma and grandpa! Add their family name and the names of all of their children and grandchildren and you'll have a gift that they'll want to show off to everyone who comes to visit! Combined Gift Price $85.00

- Audrey & Bear Oversized Family Minky Blanket


 hideout and floor pillow space

reversible play capes

Looking for open-ended play gifting? We have recently launch two new Audrey & Bear products that encourage hours of creative play! Say hello to our reversible play capes and Hideout™ mobile fort kits! Work with our designers to match the colors of both for an amazing play experience that any child would love! Combined Gift Price $168.00

- Audrey & Bear Hideouts

- Audrey & Bear Reversible Play Capes



Shopping for a new baby? Think snuggly and cozy! Pair an adorable plush animal with one of our unique swaddles and any mom will be over the moon about this gift for her newest addition. Combined Gift Price $104.00

- Audrey & Bear Frosted Pine Swaddle and Hat Set

- Cuddle and Kind "Hudson the Polar Bear"



Shopping for a Mom-to-be? All moms to be LOVE getting items for their baby! It's  the fastest way to a mama bear's heart, ask anyone! It's also a great idea to get the new mama something for herself. Once baby is born, mama will be sleep deprived, likely in pain of some sort and completely overwhelmed! Something new and just for her may be the boost she needs to get through a tough day! This diaper bag from Kinwell is my favorite! Fill it with a Lovey, Baby Minky blanket and some matching headbands and she will be so grateful! Combined Gift Price $185.00

- Audrey & Bear Lovey

- Audrey & Bear Baby Minky Blanket

- Audrey & Bear Everyday Headbands

- Kinwell Diaper Bag


Gifting to a new Grandchild? Here's a gift that will turn everyone's head! So many great things in this collection! Swaddle set, Lovey, Slumberkins set and matching Pacifiers from Doddle & Co. Talk about the ultimate gift! Combined Gift Price $154.00

- Audrey & Bear Swaddle Set

- Audrey & Bear Lovey

- Slumberkins Otter and Book set - Family Bonding

- Pacifiers from Doddle & Co.


Shopping for a baby that already has everything? Give them the gift of bath time routine. Start with Tubby Todd Hair and Body wash, dry off and cuddle with a new personalized Hooded Baby Towel, and finish off with a Dream Cream baby massage! Parent & baby bonding at it's finest! Combined Gift Price $116.00

- Tubby Todd Baby Bundle

- Audrey & Bear Custom Hooded Baby Towel


Looking for a gift for siblings? Our brand new Audrey & Bear Hideouts™ are a must-have for this upcoming holiday season! There are so many great things to say about this new product! Big enough to share with siblings and friends, enables creative, open-ended play and then folds up small for easy storage! Couple it with matching pillow cases and sleepover sacks and you have the ultimate portable play space. Combined Gift Price $192.00

- Audrey & Bear Log Cabin Hideout

- Audrey & Bear Sleepover Sacks

- Audrey & Bear Personalized Pillow Cases



Marble minky and pillow case

Something special for your favorite teen? We recently launch a teen line of minky blankets and pillow cases and they have been very popular! Every teen seems to like sleep... am I right?!?! This gift is a guaranteed winner! Combined Gift Price $115.00

- Audrey & Bear Large Minky Blanket

- Audrey & Bear Pillow Case



Mom Knit Robe

Shopping for Mom? Give her the gift of comfort. Our robes are uniquely designed to be size inclusive so that she can wear her robe comfortably before, during and after pregnancy! They are roomy and comfortable and are the perfect solution for more comfortable hospital visits as they allow for cords and wires to be accessed with ease.  Combined Gift Price $89.00

- Audrey & Bear Robe 



swaddle and outfit

 Buying for a baby on the way? Give a complete set. Swaddle, accessory, bassinet, lounger, and adorable outfit!! Start with the swaddle and customize to fit the parents preferences, then add matching accessories, lounger and bassinet! Done and Done!!! Combined Gift Price $278.00

- Audrey & Bear Personalized Swaddle

- Audrey & Bear Everyday Bow

- Papper Apparel Ruffle Sleeved Leo

- Snuggle Me Lounger

- Olli Ella Woven Bassinet


There is so much more to explore and customize so if you are looking for more, search through the collections and I'm sure you'll find something you'll LOVE!

All the best,






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  • I ordered a swaddle blanket and worked with Tanya Wood. She was amazing and the blanket was just as amazing. I would definitely recommend Audrey Bear for any of your personalized items. Thank you so much Tanya for all of your help

    Ann Pallardy Oct 28, 2021

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