“Some see a weed.  Others see a wish.” -unknown

We are in the midst of dandelion season and just about everywhere you look, you’ll find the summer landscape dotted with these gorgeous yellow flowers ...

Which makes me even more excited about today.   It’s New Design Day, and we have just launched our new “Sending Wishes” design and it is D-A-R-L-I-N-G!!! 

It’s all in the details.  And the details in “Sending Wishes” y’all… 

I. Am. In. LOVE!!! 

The dandelion puff and its seeds being blown into the wind are so, SO sweet.  But honestly, it is everything dandelions symbolize that make my heart so, so happy and make “Sending Wishes” my new favorite design!!!



“In a world full of roses, she chose to be a dandelion”.  Sarah Beth McClure

In my pre-Audrey & Bear, pre-marriage, pre-kids life, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture.  The outdoors and my appetite for a creative outlet made it the perfect college fit for me.  Fast forward to my adult life, and it is no wonder that I am STILL drawn to nature and the outdoors. 

After a few painful pregnancy losses, the outdoors brought me peace.  I spent a summer wishing on every dandelion puff I came across.  It seemed silly, but I did it anyway.  I so desperately wanted to be a mom, and so time after time, dandelion after dandelion, I sent my wish blowing in the wind, hoping it would come true. 

I have a new respect for dandelions now.  And I know I’m not alone in this.  The road to parenthood is difficult for many mamas.  And finding strength in this brilliant yellow flower can help us to see that life, no matter how hard our struggles, can be beautiful once more. 

Their long-lasting blooms are a sign of patience.

Their roots, when pulled from the earth, are persistent and will allow the dandelion to return with renewed life. 

Their seeds, when blown from their stem will help the dandelion to return spreader further, stronger, and with the promise that life can go on. 

Dandelions represent our strength – our wishes granted.   They remind us to bloom wherever the wind carries us. 

Audrey is our rainbow baby.  She is our answered prayers.  She is our dandelion wishes fulfilled.   

Sending Wishes” is about celebrating your answered prayers.  YOUR sweet, little, dandelion wishes. 



Dandelions are a child’s flower.  They will be YOUR child’s flower.  Dandelions create HOURS of childhood joy and are as much a part of a child’s summer as running through the sprinklers. 

Some see dandelions as an annoyance, but children see them as much more…

  • Gathering dandelions together to create the perfect bouquet.
  • Selecting the perfect wispy poof to make a wish on and blow its seeds across the lawn.
  • Splitting the stem apart and dropping the flower into water to create beautiful dandelion curls.
  • Braiding the stems to create a gorgeous dandelion crown.
  • Or simply removing the flower and blowing through the stem to create the perfect dandelion horn.

Dandelions help create lasting childhood memories.

They represent wishes fulfilled.

They signify dreams we continue to work towards. 

And, if you’ve ever been the lucky recipient of a dandelion bouquet, you know they also symbolize love

My hope for each of you was best said by Katrina Mayer… “May you never get so old that you stop believing in wishes.” and that you love “Sending Wishes” as much as I do!!! 

Have a great week, Friends!!!




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