Meet Rebecca

by Sonia Herbst March 05, 2018

Meet Rebecca

Inspired by Vogue’s 73 Questions, we are back with Audrey & Bear’s 23 Questions.  This time we are chatting with and getting to know Rebecca; who, I must tell you, is an absolute joy!  If you've ordered anything from us, it is likely it was Rebecca that designed the pattern/template for the product you are enjoying.  Always happy and positive, this one!  And her creative mind is so, so inspiring.   We feel very fortunate to have her as part of our AB team!!! 


Ready?  Let’s get to it…


What is your role at Audrey & Bear?

I am on the research and development team. I make the patterns/templates for our products. My primary job is to manage the seamstresses and make sure the orders are being sewn well and the most efficiently.


How long have you been working for Audrey & Bear?

I started working at AB a year and a half ago. 


What is a fun fact about you?

I can lick my left elbow!  haha!  And I have recently started teaching myself how to knit. 


What is your favorite Audrey & Bear product?

My favorite AB product is the beanie with a bow. I think the bow adds the perfect touch and is so cute! 


What inspires you when creating patterns?

Once I start making something, I begin to really get inspired. It's really important to me that the templates I create can be sewn in less than 15 minutes. Some of them take a few minutes longer, but thinking this way helps me to keep designs simple. I usually don't think of the best solution first, so second and third trials really get me excited because I know I am getting closer to a better product.


If money was no object, what would you do all day?

Sleep!  haha!  Just kidding. I would go to gardens and walk around. Maybe that's just what I want to do right now. I think I would want to do different things everyday. I would love to take classes and go to shows with my husband like ballets, plays, sporting events, fashion shows. I would do all the crafts I've been wanting to finish or even start and I would make a wardrobe for myself.


 How has working for Audrey & Bear impacted your life?

I have made some really good friends working at Audrey & Bear. I have also learned a lot about how business works and different roles within one. 


 What do you love most about working for Audrey & Bear?

I love getting to do what I'm passionate about every day! I feel so lucky that I'm working in the field I went to school for and that this is something I really enjoy.  


Favorite TV show that is currently on?

I love the Amazing Race. And I just started watching Monk with my husband, and love it.


Which would you rather …

Hawaii or Alaska?  Hawaii!!

 Live a week without your phone or without internet? Internet

Toilet paper – over or under?  Over!!!

Phone call or text message?  Phone call

Laundry or dishes?  Dishes

Day at the amusement park or at the beach?   Amusement Park

Lipstick or chapstick? Chapstick

Dog or cat? Dog 100%

At AB, we don’t work on Sundays.  What does a typical Sunday at your house look like?

I get ready and go to church with my husband. We usually go to his parent's or my brother's house for dinner and spend the rest of the day with family. Sometimes we'll watch a movie, play games, go for a walk, or go see a friend.


Must have purse item?

Chapstick. And my debit card. 


What is the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

Cliff jumping! I was so scared! It was about a 40 foot cliff and I sat at the edge for about 5 minutes and then decided to stand up and jump. Which I did right away, I didn't even pause or look down. 


Best advice your mother gave you?

Treat everyone like they're your best friend. 


Favorite family tradition?

Taco Tuesday. Every Tuesday since I was pretty young, we have made homemade tacos on Tuesdays. My dad really loves tacos, so he asked my mom if we could start doing taco Tuesday and it stuck. Now that I'm married I don't have tacos every Tuesday, but you can count on having them if you're ever at my parents’ house on a Tuesday night and they are always delicious. 


If you could raid one woman’s closet, whose would it be?

Meghan Markle! Because she has great style and I'm pretty sure her closet is at Buckingham Palace now, so double win. 


Favorite part of your job?

Making patterns is my favorite! It's like putting a puzzle together or figuring out how it'll all fit together in the best way. 


Ideal family vacation?

A vacation without a time limit on it. We would go to museums and restaurants, drive down beautiful streets. I would want someone who has lived there for a long time being our tour guide. I kinda want to go everywhere. I think I want visit Italy or France first. But now that I saw that I want to go to Australia and Egypt and South Africa. I just really want to go everywhere! haha! 


Favorite beverage?



What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

My husband! We got married a week before my birthday

In the evening, would you rather visit a relative, watch a movie, play a game, or read?

All of the above! My husband and like to read books together, right now we're reading Ender's Game, so I think I'd choose to read. 


Can you still do a cartwheel?

Yes, I love cartwheels. I can do it right handed and left handed. 


 What is one thing you still have from your childhood?

Me! I am still totally a child at heart. 


Thanks for answering my questions, Rebecca!  You have truly taken your mother’s words to heart!  I most definitely feel like I am my best self when I am around you!   Thanks for always being such a shining light!!! 


Sonia Herbst
Sonia Herbst

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