Audrey & Bear 23 QUESTIONS IS BACK, BY POPULAR DEMAND!!!  ... Okay, okay I made that last part up. 

But several of you did tell us you enjoyed the 'getting to know you' questionaire posted last week.   And I had fun doing it... so we're back at it again.  This time with Dede.  :)

This mama-of-one's design handiwork includes many of the cute, cute designs featured on our products.  She's clever, funny, and knows her way around Adobe Illustrator like nobody's business.  And we just love guessing what amazing design she will dream up for us next!  

Dede, come on down!!!  (you read that with a Price is Right voice, right??!)


What is your AB role? 

I'm a designer.


 How long have you been working for AB? 

Around 3 years.


 What is a fun fact about you? 

I love to salsa dance.

 What is your favorite Audrey & Bear design? 

That's like asking me to pick my favorite kid!  But if I have to answer, my favorites are tied with Woodland Friends and Santa Fe Aztec. I tend to over complicate things when I design. I like the clean, simplicity of both of these designs. 


What inspires you when creating designs? 

I get a lot of inspiration from nature.  Thank heavens that floral prints are ‘in’ right now!


If you could spend a day doing whatever YOU wanted, what would you do? 

I'd fly to San Francisco have lunch on the peer and visit some botanical gardens. There's no spending limit, right???  ;)


What advice would you give another mom just starting a career working from home? 

Take care of your body! I have never been into exercise or healthy eating, but it's necessary if you're trying to balance a job from home. It gives you self care, focus and energy to keep going when things get overwhelming. People talk about work/home life balance. If you're starting out a work from home career expect that balance to be even harder to achieve. Make sure you give yourself enough self care and talk with family about picking up some of the responsibility you had before starting your career. Don't expect to be able to do all of the things you did before you started working from home. If at all possible create a home office outside of your normal living area, keep things as separated as possible. If a physical separation isn't possible, make sure you leave the house at least once a day; a walk in the park or a Target visit!  


Tricks in your mom bag to share with other work-from-home-moms? 

 1) I try and be mindful of when my baby gets needy and when she prefers to play on her own. She gets into a pretty predictable schedule, when she's playing on her own I take advantage of working and when she gets fussy I spend time on her needs. 

 2) I can't emphasis enough that you need time for self care. Find what it is that rejuvenates your soul and set aside time to do that thing on a regular basis. 

How has working from Audrey & Bear impacted your life? 

I get to see my baby grow up! I worked managing a botanical garden before I joined the AB team and loved the fact that I had a creative outlet. When we began thinking about babies, my heart was divided between having a creative outlet and being a present mom. Audrey & Bear has given me the best of both worlds, and the best of all is I get to express my creativity for other mamas and babies! 


What are five things you love most about working for Audrey & Bear? 

 1) Seeing the cutest babies wrapped in designs we've worked on!

2) Knowing that when customers purchase a blanket a NICU baby is receiving one of our swaddles as well. 

3) Working with wonderful people! The AB team is just the best group of people!

4) It's a great creative outlet.

5) Getting to see my baby girl grow up.


What is something you’ve said as a mom, that you never thought you’d have to say?

"Isa baby, don't pick my nose please" 


How old is your daughter? 

11 months


Which would you rather …

Beach condo or mountain cabin?  Beach condo

Child sound like Caillou or Dora?  Ugh.... Dora

Toilet paper – over or under?  OVER OVER OVER ( I have really strong feelings about my toilet paper )  :)

Projectile vomit or blow-out diaper? Geez... blow out diaper

Daughter have a meltdown at church or in the library? Church...people are already used to it.  :)

Heels or flats?  Flats.  I love embracing comfort!


What does a typical Sunday at your house look like? 

Church, Netflix, naps and tacos.


Last movie that made you cry? 

Does the trailer for Coco count?


Advice your mom gave you that you will pass along to your daughter? 

IDK... Never leave the house without mascara? (my mom's a little special)


How does your husband help you to be successful in working from home? 

The list could go on forever! Most of all is understanding- He gets it if he comes home and the house looks like there's been a civil war and I'm sitting behind the computer with blood shot eyes. He'll grab the baby and give me a break. It's always the little things that mean the most. 


Favorite baby names your husband wouldn’t let you use?

Rafael, Rafa, Mercedes, Gabriel. He's hispanic and I'M the one that likes Latin names. :)


Favorite part of your job?  

All the babies! (and being able to wear stretchy pants whenever I want).


Favorite Audrey & Bear product?

Our Multi-Use Covers!  It's my Swiss Army Knife for this nursing mama. I feel comfortable nursing anywhere because I won't be showing love handles or any extra cleavage. They're light enough that they don't suffocate my baby either. 


Song you’ve been singing out loud, only to realize later you were singing the wrong lyrics to? 

Perfect by Ed Sheeran. I always want to sing "barefoot in the dark"... and that sounds nothing like "grass".


How many hours of sleep do you get a night? 

8 Baby!


Link to a recipe you and your family LOVE?

 We're on a Keto adapted diet right now so when we eat these it's a total cheat day. SO YUMMY! 



 Dede, you are a funny gal!  Thanks for playing along!!! 

Join us again next week, when I convince another member of our team to answer 23 questions.  ;)


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