Hey there, super parents! The sunny summer months are here, and it's time to sprinkle some excitement into your little ones' lives. Don't fret about finding extravagant outings or excursions that break the bank. We've got five fab-tastic ideas to keep your kids happily entertained right in the cozy corners of your home. Get ready for a summer full of giggles and unforgettable memories!

Sensational Sensory Play with Homemade Sensory Bins:
Let's dive into a world of sensory wonder! Gather household items like fluffy rice, colorful pasta, or fluffy cotton balls, and create your very own sensory bins. Toss in some toys, scoops, and containers to inspire exploration and fine motor skills. Watch their eyes light up as they squish, squeeze, and discover hidden treasures within the bins.

Backyard Splash Bash:
Turn your backyard into a splash-tastic paradise! Inflate a cute mini pool, set up a water table, or let loose with a sprinkle-tastic sprinkler. Grab buckets, cups, and water toys for epic splashing and pouring adventures. Not only will your little ones stay cool, but they'll also boost their sensory development, coordination, and super-sized smiles!

Crafty DIY Extravaganza:
Calling all mini-Picassos! Set up an artsy wonderland with paper, child-safe scissors, non-toxic glue, crayons, and washable paints. Get creative juices flowing with handprint art, recycled material collages, or rock painting. Display their marvelous creations with pride and witness their confidence soar!

Indoor Picnics and Tea Parties:
Time to turn your living room into a magical wonderland! Lay down a soft blanket and transform it into a whimsical picnic spot or an elegant tea party setting. Gather their favorite stuffed buddies and dolls for a pretend picnic or tea party extravaganza. Whip up scrumptious sandwiches, fruity delights, or mini muffins for the perfect treat. Let their imaginations soar as they play host to their adorable pretend guests.

Adventure-filled Storytime:
Get ready for an epic story time adventure like no other! Choose a beloved storybook and bring it to life with DIY props and costumes. Slip into character and use different voices and expressions as you act out the tale together. This immersive storytelling experience will boost their language skills, imagination, and emotional growth while creating cherished memories.


Get ready for a summer bursting with joy and discovery right in the heart of your home! We hope these ideas will help you fill the long summer days. Embrace the magic of these simple activities and let their bright spirits shine. Get ready to make this summer the most incredible one yet!



Lena Iraheta

Personal Designer


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