Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Tis’ the season to be jolly. Fa la la la la, la la la la! And tis’ the season to start your holiday shopping for all the special children in your life.  The holidays are always full of cheer, wonder and excitement for boys and girls and of course grown-ups as well, but let’s face the real and hard facts…the holidays are A LOT of work!  

I want to make it a bit easier this year for you when it comes to your holiday shopping.  The Audrey & Bear elves have been hard at work collecting some of the BEST Big Kid Christmas gift ideas out there, for both boys and girls, ages 1-8.  There are an abundance of toys out there, so we thought long and hard, along with some of our Audrey & Bear Community members (a big thank you to our contributors), to feature ideas that encourage creativity, skill development and a focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math).  Let’s hope you can find something on our list that the kids on your list will love, so that you can get a jump start on the most wonderful time of the year!  

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  So, start making your list and check it twice (I’m sure all of the boys and girls you’re buying for are on the nice list) …that’s what the big guy in the red suit does, right?!

Arts and Crafts Supplies 

There are endless arts and crafts supplies out there and they can serve SO many purposes!  These are great Christmas gifts for both boys and girls. Here are some supply ideas to get your wheels in motion: paper, tissue paper, crayons, markers, colored pencils,  paint, paint brushes, oil pastels, scissors, tape, stamps, ink pads, dot markers, stickers, glue, hole puncher, ribbon, yarn, pipe cleaners, play dough, plastic beads, water beads, popsicle stickers, pom poms, glitter, recycled household items, household utensils and more!  Not to mention, there are a variety of “art supplies” you can find in nature to supplement your child’s art supply.

You can simply stock up on these items to gift to children or come up with a theme.  Pair together specific items to create a “themed art box” or a “project box” with all of the necessary supplies!  Pinterest is your best friend for inspiration if you chose to go this route!  Looking to add a big gift item with art supplies…an art friendly table or chalk/whiteboard is perfect!

Next up, a DIY sensory bin.  These are brilliant and kids love these!  Sensory bins are extremely popular and there are endless possibilities depending on the child’s age.  Create your own sensory bin by purchasing a clear plastic bin with a cover and include all the essential items inside.  Items for sensory bin fillers may include but are not limited to sand, rice, pasta, oats, beans, lentils, shredded paper, shaving cream, marshmallows, corn kernels, packing peanuts, feathers, pom poms, buttons, water and more!  Pair these fillers with tools and instruments such as tweezers, tongs, measuring cups, small bowls, scoopers, spoons, basters, syringes, ice cube trays, small jars with lids, muffin tins and more! Themed sensory bins are super fun, too!  For more details on themes you can head on over to Pinterest.

Looking to take it up one more notch this Christmas…you can purchase a sand/water table.  These tables are ideal for outside play and can easily act as an outdoor sensory bin for many of the items we suggested above!

On a beautiful day, rainy day, snowy day, home school day, play day, silly day…you name it, art supplies are ALWAYS, and I mean always a big hit!  With endless possibilities and supplies to last hours on end, boys and girls will have a field day…and guess what, you’ll feel like Super Mom, Super Dad, Super Auntie and just plain ol’ super because you are “sneaking in” learning and they have no clue…#winning!

Blocks and Magnetic Tiles

Big or small, kids adore building with blocks.  You simply cannot go wrong with a block or magnetic tile set.  For boys and girls that love to build, construct, design and as we know it, knock things over…blocks or magnetic tiles are the perfect gift!  There are a wide variety of block and magnetic tile sets out there, so search to find the set that you think your child will like best. I can’t say enough about these items for children.  They bring out the little engineers, architects and construction workers in each and every child. You can see their wheels turning as they plan out the next block to use or magnetic tile to connect.  Creative minds take over as they construct buildings, castle, houses, schools and more! I could go on and on about all of the advantages of building blocks and magnetic tiles…. most importantly, in the eyes of the child, they are FUN!  But we know they are developing better motor skills, social and language development, logical thinking, as well as math and language skills. If you are interested in incorporating these items into any hands-on learning activities including colors, shapes, numbers…you will have just as much fun teaching your child using these tools, as they have playing with them!

If you really want to add the icing to an already awesome gift, include different toy figurines they can play with once they’ve constructed their masterpieces.  It’s without a doubt next level fun when Batman and Elsa climb to the tippity top of your tower or Buzz Lightyear and Minnie Mouse have a sleepover party!


A timeless gift that kids will love!  A child can never have too many books or read too many books!  Books are an integral part of our lives so why not gift a child more books for their collection during the most joyous time of the year.  Here’s your chance to fill their bookshelves with some of their favorites! What is the child interested in? Stock up on books that peak their interests and continuously make them come back for more and more.  Reading is fundamental and FUN! 

Books are the perfect way to start the day, break up the day and end the day!  There’s really no bad time to read a good book! So help those sweet boys and girls snuggle up with a good book this holiday season.  You’ll be thrilled when you catch your little one or not so little one cuddled up on the couch with their nose in a good book! Can’t you just hear them now…”one more book please”!

Want to pair the books with another gift?  Cute books ends, bookmarks, reading light or a book shelf are fabulous ideas!

Books, as well as the times you read with your children, create memories to last a lifetime!  If that doesn’t pull on your heartstrings to add to your child’s book collection, we’re not sure what will!  Books facilitate conversation and as we’re sure you know, you can literally find a book to help you tackle any topic!  Books have been helping parents since the good ol’ days! I love books and sure hope you gift at least one this upcoming holiday!

Personalized Minky Blanket

I mentioned that it would be nice to help your child snuggle up with a good book by gifting them a book.  Well, well, well….it just so happens we have another fabulous Christmas gift idea for boys and girls that will help make story time extra snuggly.  And not just story time…we are talking snuggles anywhere! Snuggles in bed, on the couch, in the car…you name it, we’ve got the snuggle department covered!

This Christmas you can customize an Audrey & Bear big kid blanket for a special child in your life.  I think it’s safe to say, all kids love to snuggle up with a cozy blanket! So why not have your child snuggle up with THE most soft and unique blanket out there!  

Our big kid blankets at Audrey & Bear are 100% customizable and sure to WOW your child.  You can choose from a wide variety of designs, colors and fonts to create a one-of-a-kind blanket that will most certainly bring a smile to faces everywhere!  Does your son love trucks, dinosaurs, tools, lions, green and blue?! Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! Does your daughter love flowers, fairies, unicorns, hearts, purple and pink?  Still no need to worry, we’ve got you covered! Make a child’s dream come true with a personalized blanket that checks off all the boxes and then some! We promise they’ll feel extra special with their name printed right onto their favorite design!

Our big kid blankets are made with a cozy Minky front and the softest Sherpa backing.  Measuring 55’ x 50”, they are sure to keep your warm and cozy all year round. I sure hope you’ll consider purchasing an Audrey & Bear big kid blanket for your loved one this holiday season.  Please click here to check out our big kid blanket selection and put your creative skills to the test.  It’s destined to be a favorite gift!

Gift an Experience

Do you want to give the gift that gives a child a one-of-a-kind experience, time spent with family or memories to last a lifetime?!  Then we have the absolute best idea for you…gift an experience!  Experiences are much more intrinsically fulfilling than most gifts!  While receiving material gifts is super fun and of course, kids will be kids and play with toys (don’t get me wrong…toys provide hours of endless fun, creativity, problem solving and skill development), the excitement and happiness of materialistic objects wear off fairly quick.

Gifting an experience is a chance for a child to try something new, do something they love, take a trip, spend time with loved ones and more.  Not only are these gifts awesome, they provide opportunities for growth, character-building and togetherness. The experiences listed below can certainly pair well with a gift (because sometimes we just love gifting something tangible)!  Here are some experiences that are bound to be a big hit for kids ages 1-8:

  • Museum passes
  • Tickets to an amusement park
  • Zoo membership
  • Money towards a class they would like to take be it gymnastics, karate, art, dance, music, etc.
  • Move tickets or movie night in with dinner and popcorn/candy.  You can even make it an extra fun night in and make a drive-in movie theater with cardboard box cars to sit in with a pillow and blanket!
  • Kids cooking classes with a grown-up
  • Music class
  • Indoor play area passes
  • Planned hiking adventures with picnic lunches
  • Park play dates with picnic lunch, chalk, bubbles and more!
  • Sleepover date
  • Beach trip
  • Miniature golf date
  • Trip to the farm
  • Camping trip

Sleepover Sack and Pillowcase 

Can you imagine a child heading off to their next sleepover, camping adventure or movie night-in with a picture perfect, personalized sleepover sack and pillowcase?  I discussed gifting an experience and these gift items would pair perfectly with many on our list. Sleepover sacks and pillowcases are also ideal for using any day at home!

Just like our big kid blankets, Audrey & Bear sleepover sacks and pillowcases are 100% customizable.  The sleepover sack has a cozy Minky front side and lined with the softest Sherpa backing. The pillowcases are made from a poly/spandex blend, the most soft and stretchy fabric!  You can match or design coordinating sleepover sacks and pillowcases or maybe do something totally different on each. It’s up to you, but we promise you’ll love (and of course the recipient) will simply adore their new personalized Audrey & Bear product!

You will love the design process! Search our website for sleepover sacks and pillowcases to get started!  These gifts are guaranteed to be a big hit that kids will cherish for years to come!

Theme Baskets

Who doesn’t love a good theme?!  This is a fabulous approach for all boys and girls and you can be sure they’ll like everything inside!  Make sure you have an idea of some of the child’s likes, interests, hobbies….and go from there! I am sharing some generic theme basket ideas below.  You can tailor the basket to each child in order to make it more personal (favorite color, character, snack). Place all the items in a cute basket, wrap it up in clear cellophane and you are good to go!

  • Movie night basket: cuddly pajamas, slippers or fuzzy socks, stuffed animal movie (o,r money to purchase one), popcorn, personalized popcorn bowl, candy
  • Painting basket: paint, paintbrushes, paint containers, wooden objects from craft store, painting sponges, apron, canvases, painting paper, glitter, jewels, sequins
  • Nature and discovery basket: personalized bucket, small shovel and rake, magnifying glass, net, gardening gloves, nature box, hat, “out-doorsy” outfit, sneakers, snacks, water bottle
  • Sports basket: you can include items from a specific sport they like!
  • Outdoor fun basket: chalk, bubbles, balls, kite, water balloons, shovel, pail, rake, outfit, sneakers, portable chair, water bottle
  • Baking basket: personalized apron, oven mitts, chef hat, baking utensils, cookie sheet, muffin tin, dry ingredients for a recipe, recipe book
  • Beach day basket: towel, bathing suit, beach passes if needed, portable chair, sunscreen, hat, beach toys, water bottle, snacks, kite

Kitchen Set, Tool Bench & Play Tents

Pretend play takes up a large portion of children’s playtime…not to mention it is ridiculously cute to watch!  Kitchen sets, tool benches and tools, and play tents are items that provide boys and girls with the perfect set up to engage in this type of play. 

Our Audrey & Bear hanging canopy tents create a world of playing, exploration and dream making. These Christmas gift ideas are ideal for facilitating language development, creativity, life skills, development of fine and gross motor skills, emotional and social skill development, sharing, working as a team, organizational skills and more!  All three of the above-mentioned items can be left out and ready to play with at any point. Every time children play, it’s different and fun, thus providing continuous hours of enjoyment for all! 

Who’s ready to get their Christmas shopping started this holiday season?!  I sure hope you enjoyed some of these Christmas gift ideas for all the boys and girls on your shopping list.  May you all have a lovely holiday season filled with joy, laughter, love, good health and memories to last a lifetime.




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