“Some of the most heroic are the ones who, without needing words, teach the world what it is to love & fight.” - A Kenewell

Raising Awareness for Congenital Heart Defects

February 7-14 is CHD Awareness week, and throughout the month of February, Congenital Heart Defect stories, information, and council is shared through various reliable sources and platforms in an effort to raise awareness of one of the most common birth defects. The goal is to bring a wider understanding of the many different types of CHD that affect 1% of babies born in the US- and raise the funds to put toward further research needed in order to end this disease.

According to Project Heart, there are 17 different types of CHD; in which 1 in every 10 children diagnosed do not survive to adulthood. It is also said that as CHD is the #1 most common birth defect, 1.35 million children are affected by it every year, worldwide (www.projectheart.org). Most heart defects go undiagnosed until birth, however the more severe can be detected via ultrasound. Those that go undetected in the womb, typically present with signs or symptoms after birth such as weak or pounding pulse, grey or blue colored skin, swelling around the eyes, or breathing issues- however, some defects have no presentable physical symptoms.

As Heart Defects can so easily go undetected, it is vital that more awareness and understanding is presented in an effort to raise the funds to put toward further research of this complex defect in order to end the disease.

Are you looking for ways to support and help raise awareness for CHD? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Continue learning and researching about CHD. Knowledge is power!
  • Donate to a credible organization
  • Attend an event
  • Social Media
  • Volunteer
  • Share your story




Audrey & Bear’s CHD Awareness Collection

Being able to raise awareness surrounding CHD is extremely important to us. Most of us know someone, or have been in contact with an individual who has been affected by CHD in one way or another; and for that very reason, it’s imperative that we learn more and do more. Our customers from around the world are affected by Heart Defects and we feel it is our calling to celebrate CHD warriors.

We called upon our Audrey & Bear community for design ideas and insight surrounding CHD back in 2020. Pleasantly surprised at the level of creativity, love, and passion for CHD awareness, community members left lasting impressions and truly touched our hearts in the creation of these meaningful designs.

We are proud to offer a CHD awareness collection, in hopes that it will do what we set out to do… raise awareness and celebrate every child!!

"Heart Warrior"

Heart Warrior CHD Awareness Blanket

Meaning: A bandaged heart reflecting the scar a CHD warrior will bare in honor of their fight, forever. Words of strength proudly displayed to showcase the entirety of their battle- to honor their warrior heart in a keepsake cherished always.

CHD Awareness Swaddle Blanket
Personalized Swaddle Blanket: CHD Awareness






Click here to read stories about what the fight is like, first hand, by a tiny heart warrior.


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