Baby, baby, baby! Once you announce your pregnancy, it’s all about baby-to-be, and of course, the mama-to-be, too! With a baby on the way there’s an overwhelming amount to think about and plan for (and with pregnancy brain…yes, it’s a real thing, it makes tasks even more difficult at times). So much so that pregnant mamas find themselves losing even more sleep…on top of the frequent trips to the bathroom at night, insomnia, aches and pains, the list goes on and on.

But I think it’s fair to say that there’s one thing mamas can agree on and that is the fact that it’s all worth it. The worry, anticipation, discomfort, insomnia, aches and pains, appointments, morning sickness, sickness anytime of the day, etc., all become a distant memory once you’re holding your precious little babe in your arms for the first time.

The journey to pregnancy and motherhood is unique. Many experiencing major bumps in the road along the way, while for others it’s smooth sailing. Regardless, carrying a baby for 9 months is no easy feat! And once baby is earthside, it’s go time! You will forever be responsible for the tiny human you created…WOW!

With all that said, whether it’s their first baby, second, third or so on, mamas-to-be deserve a special day for themselves and their little babe. Cue baby shower or sprinkle! 

Baby Shower

A baby shower is exactly what it sounds like…”showering” the mama-to-be with all the necessities, registry items and of course, love and good wishes as she prepares for the birth of her baby! Bringing a new life into this world requires a lot of time, energy, love and STUFF!

Baby showers typically have a guest list including all the important woman in the life of the mama-to-be and extended guests as well {men may of course attend as well depending on what mama-to-be wants…there are no rules}. It’s an important day to celebrate the guest of honor and make all of her wishes come true! The shower will most likely take place during the third trimester while mama-to-be is hopefully feeling good and her cute baby belly has certainly popped. This timing also gives her enough time to prepare all the items for baby’s arrival and have baby’s nursery looking picture perfect {fingers crossed…we know that baby’s have their own timeline}!

Most first-time mamas will create a registry will all their must have items and then some! It’s super helpful to purchase from the registry because those are the items they need and will plan on purchasing anyways. Of course, purchasing off the registry for specialty items, such as our Audrey & Bear products is okay too, as it’s extremely kind and thoughtful…they’re often the most talked about!

The event itself will typically be a few hours of mingling, eating delicious food, sipping on refreshing drinks, gift opening, games, signing of keepsakes, sharing baby and child related stories from the past and present, lots of baby talk and more! 

Décor is a major highlight of the event and it’s often based on baby’s nursery theme/color scheme. It makes for lovely photos, so take lots of them! Mama-to-be will treasure these and love showing her babe as they get older.

A momentous day like no other!

Baby shower ideas

Baby Sprinkle

A sprinkle is exactly what it sounds like…”sprinkling” the mama-to-be for her second child (or more) with smaller/essential items, personalized items, and/or any items she doesn’t have from her first baby. Since it’s not their first go around, most will have all the big-ticket items and will most likely need items such as diapers, wipes, creams, baby wash, new clothes, blankets, towels, bibs, burp cloths, bottles, pacifiers, or a new personalized item…boy, oh boy! Do we have some suggestions that we will get to in a bit! Gifting something special just for the mama-to-be is also a sweet idea and oh so deserving.

Sprinkles are often more low-key and intimate compared to baby showers, with close family members and friends being invited. It’s a day to focus on the mama-to-be as she prepares to add another baby to her growing family. The focus tends to be more on the mama-to-be, not all the big party hooplah… because let’s face it, she deserves some love and attention, too!

A sprinkle is certainly what the host makes of it. A cute idea that you often see is to build off the “sprinkle” theme for decorations, food and drinks {keeping it lighter and simpler with the menu}, invites, etc. If mama-to-be has a nursery theme/color scheme, you may find that tied into the planning just like you would for a baby shower, just a bit more casual. 

It’s about celebrating new life and having fun. Games are a great way to bring the fun and they’re always a hit! There are so many exciting games out there that will have everyone laughing, crying, reminiscing, sweating…simply having a grand ol’ time! 

Audrey & Bear Gift Ideas for Baby Shower & Sprinkle

Audrey & Bear is your one stop shop for the best gifts for both mama-to-be and baby. With a variety of items to choose from, you can find something that’s in your budget. Purchase one of our bundles, pair items together as you wish, or stick with a single item…you can’t go wrong! And we promise that mama-to-be will be head-over-heels in love with the gift. It’s impossible not to be!

Our company is honored to create keepsakes that will be treasured for years to come. Here are some of our most popular gift ideas from both our ready to ship section and personalization shop:

Swaddle & hat/headband set

This is the perfect gift for mamas to wrap their newborn baby in as they introduce them to the world. Talk about the best photo ever…you’re sure to capture it while baby is looking as sweet as ever wrapped in their swaddle. Our swaddle blankets are soft and stretchy, creating the perfect womb-like experience! Design the swaddle of their dreams and choose a hat or headband to compliment it.

personalized swaddle and hat set with rockets and stars

Baby Minky

Our premium minky blankets are so soft and snuggly! It’s an amazing multi-use blanket for your everyday snuggles, car rides, stroller walks, tummy time, and more. Design it with the nursery theme or color scheme in mind and mama-to-be will swooning over this for quite some time. You can order it as a single or double sided blanket and they are both lovely. A crowd favorite for sure!

floral baby minky blanket and floral bear lovey

Take Me Home Bundle

Our take me home bundle includes a swaddle blanket, hat or headband, baby minky blanket, car seat cover, and no scratch mittens. Everything you need to take baby home, while staying cozy and fashioning the trendiest designs! 


Mama-to-be will never want to take off her Audrey & Bear robe once she puts it on. They’re made from our lightweight, knit material and perfect for women of all sizes {they are great for nursing mamas, too}. The pockets are a fan favorite, as well as the long sashes that allow you to tie in the front, back, or on the side. Comfy robe lounging never looked so good! Every mama-to-be deserves one of these!

black and white buffalo check women's robe

Essentials Bundle 

Our essentials bundle includes a personalized swaddle and hat or headband, mom robe, and no scratch mittens. All of the coziest essentials to welcome a little one on mama’s birthing day…because mama needs to feel good and look beautiful, too!

Mom and baby wearing a robe and swaddle blanket and personalized hat

Crib Sheets, Changing Pad Covers & Car Seat Covers

Made from our soft and stretchy fabric the crib sheets and changing pad covers are a great addition to any nursery! These final touches to match baby’s nursery theme or color scheme really tie it all together and the thought will make mama-to-be smile.

The car seat cover is wonderful, as it not only serves as a car seat cover, you can also use it as a nursing cover or as a cover for shopping carts and restaurant high chairs. Design it to go along with any other A & B items you’re gifting. A stylish multipurpose gift at its finest!

floral swaddle and personalized crib sheet

Hooded towel

The most adorable bath time essential from birth until about 18 months. They are super soft, highly absorbent and keep little babes warm and snuggly. Bath time just got a whole lot cuter! 

Bibs & Burp Cloth set

The perfect combination for those oh so adorable, yet messy little babes. Extremely durable and made to withstand many uses, while still looking great! You can never have too many of these items. Messes and spit-ups never looked so good!


Beyond soft and cuddly, little ones adore this security blanket and never want to let it go! Made from our premium minky fabric, you can choose a single or double sided lovey that you can design with a theme in mind for baby-to-be! You can easily attach our teether (comes with purchase) or a pacifier. These are a must!

Bear Loveys

These may be the cutest and cuddliest loveys out there! Our bear loveys are made from our super soft minky fabric and they are the perfect security blanket for little ones, from babies to toddlers. The lovey includes snaps so that you can easily attach teethers {included with purchase}, pacifiers, sippy cups, toys, strollers and more! You can easily design it to match baby’s nursery theme or color scheme. Pairs well with a swaddle and you can coordinate the designs/colors...cuteness overload. Sure to become a snuggly favorite for many years to come!

swaddle, hat and no-scratch mittens with matching bear lovey

Audrey & Bear Accessories: The perfect add-on gift

Nesting bears

Our silicone nesting bears are just the right size for those little baby hands. They’ll enjoy holding them, as well as taking them apart to discover what you’ve hidden inside. Perfect size to bring with you on the go or display on a shelf at home.

Hex Ball

The hex ball makes the perfect grasping and teething toy. Babies will enjoy squishing it over and over again! It is also attaches to our loveys which makes it easy to take with you on the go!

Link Rings

You can hang Audrey & Bear Link Rings from play gyms, car seats, highchairs, and more! Attach them to our loveys for another teething option! 


Our Audrey & Bear tag teethers are the best teethers! Made with food-grade silicone, they feature a smooth ring that is easy to grasp and a semi-circle shaped tag that is perfect for biting and chewing! 


The most darling baby accessory made from our signature swaddle fabric that lays perfectly flat on baby’s head. They are a sweet addition for photo opportunities or to dress up your everyday outfit! Available in a wide variety of colors that go along with all of the seasons most popular colors. 

headbands and burpcloth

I think it’s fair to say we have all of your baby shower and sprinkle needs covered. Audrey & Bear to the rescue for mamas and babies everywhere!

Whether you are “showering” or “sprinkling” the mama-to-be in your life, may it be a day filled with  love, laughter and memories to last a lifetime…and of course, Audrey & Bear, too!

All the love, 

Tracy - Community Manager



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