Every year, on Thanksgiving, my family and I share what we are thankful for.

We believe gratitude keeps us humble.  It keeps us connected.  As I sat down to write down what I am most thankful this year, I am feeling particularly thankful I am a Mom.

As you sit down with family and friends this Thanksgiving, take a moment to be thankful for motherhood.   A moment to remember that of the millions and millions of mothers on earth, YOU were chosen to be the mother of YOUR child and that there is NO ONE more perfect for that job than you. 

Here are just 7 Reasons I Am Thankful I am Mom…

1.  I am thankful for my body.

I have a new respect for my body.  My body, despite my 3 difficult losses, has successfully created 3 beautiful lives.  It took control, nurtured, and brought my children into our world.  And for months after they were here on this earth, my body still allowed me to provide them with the nutrients they needed to grow and thrive.  While my body may never quite look the same as it did in my early 20s, a look in the mirror reminds me of how grateful I am for this new version I see of myself.  A body that produced life.  With a heart that allows me to love them with every ounce of my being. 

2.  Being a mom has encouraged me to take risks.

Making Audrey & Bear a reality has presented its share of challenges, but there has been no greater motivator in my life to take risks and dream big than being a mom.  I know they are always watching, and want to show them that if you work hard, you really can make your dreams come true.   

3.  I am thankful for these tiny cheerleaders.

In the eyes of my children, I sing like Lady Gaga, I cook like Julia Child, and the magic of my kisses can make “boo-boos” disappear.  They give me the confidence to believe I can do anything. 

4.  It allows me to see life through new perspective.

My children help me to put life into perspective.  To not get caught up in the details and to see life from a simpler point of view.  They help me reevaluate what’s truly important and how we can do more to better the lives of others.

5.  I get to be a kid all over again!!!

I get to experience the world through their eyes.  We get to act silly, visit amusement parks, have dance parties in the living room, and more.  From birthday parties, visits from Santa, coloring all afternoon long, and watching Disney movie marathons – being a mom means having a legitimate excuse to act like a child again!  I get to stay young at heart!  And nothing is better for the soul than that!

6.  The hugs. The kisses.  Oh my! 

I have learned what unconditional love is.  And I have learned how powerful their love for me is – they have the power to make any day better with their hugs and kisses.  And absolutely make me melt when I hear that tiny voice say, “Mommy, I love you!”.  It makes all those sleepless nights and mommy-stressors so, so worth it.

7.  And for making me a mom… I am forever thankful for my husband.

Being parents has made us stronger as a couple.  Stronger as a team.  I am so incredibly grateful to have a partner to share these parenting experiences with.  Being able to go through all these milestones with him by my side - with his help, and support – makes being a mom all that much more enjoyable. 


For these reasons, and many more, I am so thankful.  It has been a year for the books.  Our baby boy was born in late September and has brought so much joy to our lives.  And at Audrey & Bear, our team is growing and we are moving to our new building in the coming months.  But most of all – we are thankful for you – our customers.  Thanks for supporting us and continuing to believe in us. 

Wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! 



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