One of our greatest blessings is seeing SO many names pass through production here at Audrey & Bear! It's one of our favorite parts of the biz- being a part of creating such a special product that carries one of the most significant and unique pieces of every person's identity.

We've been compiling a list of the most popular names that have made their way onto their very own keepsake throughout 2021 thus far + the sweet meanings behind each of them! So, without further ado.. enjoy and draw all of the inspiration you need from the top 50 Baby Names of 2021 {mid-year edition}!!


Baby Girl Names

Name Meaning
Ava lover of life
Avery to be wise
Camila being a selfless helper
Charlotte to be free
Chloe beauty blooming; derived from a Greek goddess
Eleanor of light
Ella beautiful and fair
Ellie a shining light
Evie a way of living life fully
Grace goodness and generosity
Hazel seeing through god
Lyla island beauty
Mackenzie born of fire
Mae a wished for child
Marie star of the sea
Mila to be hardworking
Nora to be of honor
Olivia a symbol of peace
Piper to have a musical way of living
Rose beauty and honor
Ruthie a true friend
Rylie to be brave
Scout to listen
Sophia divine wisdom
Zara radiance



Baby Boy Names

Name Meaning
Anthony priceless one
Arlo strong; a warrior
Bentley to be of the earth
Caleb to be whole-hearted and brave
Cam having a place in nature
Chase a huntsman; to be independent
Greyson son of honor
Henry a fair ruler
Isaac he will laugh
James my gift
John graced by God
Joseph he will add notably
Liam a strong-willed warrior; a protector
Luca bringer of light
Marley pleasant and of nature
Mateo gift of god
Matthew gift of Yahweh
Michael the likeness of angels
Noah a gift of comfort
Oliver a symbol of peace
Owen a young warrior
Phoenix life after death; of the sun god
Scott the speaker of and to many
Theo brave people
Wilder to be faithful and bold


Do you think we missed a name!? Drop your favorite name + the meaning behind it below!!



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  • Rafe- means God had healed in Hebrew and strong man in other languages Rhema- means utterance from God.
    Kelly J Apr 14, 2022

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