We just finished up our 2018 Audrey & Bear Conference, and to sum it up in one word… WOW!  Once a year, we ask every member of our team, some from out of state, to join us in Orem, Utah.  Our goals are always the same –

  1. To get to know each other better
  2. To make sure we are completely aligned on our company vision and purpose
  3. And to become better, individually and as a team, tomorrow than we are today

We are a mom-run company.  And as moms, our attention is endlessly being pulled in several directions at once.  So the opportunity to get together … just the 16 of us… under one roof, in one beautiful hotel conference room, is always exciting and much anticipated.   And this year did not disappoint!  AT. ALL!  We learned a lot!  We ate a lot!  And we laughed until it hurt!!! 

As I sat down and compiled all of my notes, I was flooded with realization at just all we had accomplished during the conference and how far we have come as a small, mom-run company! 



Our company vision is quite simple…

We exist to be a blessing in the lives of as many people as possible. 

It’s why I started this company. 

Because we have the power to use this company to do so much good in this world. 

And because collectively we can reach farther and bless more people than one person could do alone.

“Celebrating Life” means more to us than just creating products for you and your little ones to enjoy.  It is about celebrating your little ones by creating products as perfect and unique as they are. 



As part of our mission to bless the lives of others, we have an incredible give-back program, swaddle4swaddle, that enables us to donate a swaddle blanket to a baby in the NICU or Pediatric Cancer Center for EVERY swaddle blanket purchased.  This one-for-one donation brings smiles to families when they are needed most and helps bring comfort and aid in the developmental care of these sweet, fragile, babies. 

Thanks to YOU, we have already donated more than 11,000 swaddles to babies at 52 hospitals nationwide.    

11,000, Y’ALL!!!  

Holy swaddle blankets!!!  To think, when the program began, I hoped to be able to help babies in my local NICU.  But here we are … 11,000 swaddle blankets later!!!  WOW!!!  



Our company growth brought some exciting news!  We are able to move to a larger studio space (I can’t wait to share details… but first, we need to find a location.) and bring on several others to join our team! 

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.  One of the things that has been on our minds has been how to greater lessen our footprint.  We came up with some exciting new ways to eliminate/lessen our waste (also more on this soon!).

We have some super cute designs and products in the pipeline!  It wouldn’t much of a surprise if I spilled the beans just yet… but I promise, you are going to love what we have in the works for you!!! 



In addition to striving to be a blessing in your life, Daniel and I also work very hard to bless the lives of the members of our team.  So, it was so incredibly heartwarming to hear how the company was positively and meaningfully impacting the members of our crew too. 

“Getting to work from home means I don’t have the mommy-guilt. I get to have a career and I get to be home to watch my kids grow up.”

“The income I bring into our home has allowed us to save for trips, like Disneyland!”

“I get to be a stay-at-home mom, and a wife, and also get to have something that is ‘my own.’”

 “The super flexible schedule makes it so I can still complete my degree while working here.”

 “Having a flexible workday means I can attend my children’s school events during the day and be here for them when they get off the bus.”



There was no shortage of laughter or food at the conference.  We ate… and ate… and ATE!  None of us could fit into our pants when it was time to leave, but it was DE-LICIOUS!




Your passion for our cause. 

Your love of our products. 

And your loyalty to us.

That’s what makes all of this possible.  And I promise you, that isn’t lost on us.  As we spent the weekend enjoying one another and planning for tomorrow, we reflected quite often on how blessed we are.  Blessed to be able to enjoy one another’s company.  Blessed to have a growing company that continues to bless the lives of others.  Blessed to be able to donate 11,000 blankets… SO FAR! 

And those blessings… they started with you!  You made every moment of this possible for me.  For us.  For Audrey & Bear.  And for that we are forever grateful… THANK YOU!!!!!



We’ve had a rocky, challenging, but very rewarding journey to get to where we are today. We learned many hard lessons over the years and, though those learning experiences were not always the most pleasant, they helped prepare us for where we are today. Our entertaining and well-embraced team motto is “Wake up, say a prayer, and hustle.”

 We’ve done hard things and accomplished more than we at times believed we could or would. And as a team, we are ready to make even greater and more incredible things happen!

I am so incredibly honored to not only lead this company, but also be able to walk along side each of the amazing members of our team!  

It is my hope that our love for one another, and this company, is reflected in the products we create for each of you. And that we can continue to be a blessing in your lives, just as you have been in ours. 








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