"In 2019, I came across Audrey & Bear when searching for adorable and soft

swaddles. When I saw Audrey & Bear's mission was to provide a swaddle to a NICU baby for every swaddle sold, I was sold!

I purchased a patriotic swaddle for my first baby, Colton, who was scheduled for a July 3rd Caesarian section. I never thought I would be the mother of a NICU baby... For {my second} little Brayden, I had preterm labor starting at 18 weeks. At 22 weeks I was admitted and was able to stay pregnant for 6 more days.

He was born at 22 weeks and 6 days, weighing 1 lb and 8.9 ounces.


We have come a long way and are almost to his due date! Two of my friends nominated me to receive swaddle4swaddle donations, and they are adorable!! 

I wanted to give {in the same way} to all of the sweet babies at the University of Kentucky, so I contacted the company {swaddle4swaddle / Audrey & Bear} and the ball was rolling!

100 swaddles were passed out to all the NICU babies there. Parents are in love with the special gift!!

I've since ordered Brayden his own personalized swaddle from A&B, and I can’t wait to wrap him in it when it arrives. Thank you all for your mission to give!" - Jo Gensley

We’re proud to support swaddle4swaddle, a nonprofit that donates swaddles to NICU's across the country- to snuggle babies and delight their parents during a challenging time.
Every time you place an Audrey & Bear order, a percentage

of your purchase goes to swaddle4swaddle— and for every swaddle you buy, we donate one!



Seeing our one-for-one mission come full-circle like this is such a remarkable thing. That really is the exceptional beauty of s4s– it isn’t just us that brings joy to these families. It’s YOU! With your support, and with your swaddle order, you enter a community of giving and make THIS POSSIBLE!

Without you, swaddle4swaddle wouldn’t be possible. THANK YOU!


Audrey & Bear


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