by Sonia Herbst

I'm so glad you stopped by, because I have some exciting news to share with you...

Since we opened our shop doors, many of you have reached out and shared some amazing product ideas with us.  

Loveys are essential to a little one's bedtime routine and a countless number of you have requested them.  

So, after many (MANY) requests, they are here… YAY!


Super cute, right??!   

Click HERE to find the incredible design options available on our website now.


We asked moms what their families call their child’s coveted security blanket. 

The results varied from Lovey to Blankie as well as loads of other darling names in-between.  

But whether your family calls it a Manky or a Wooby, it is almost CERTAIN your child has one.

... It is your child’s first friend. 

... A stand-in for you when you can’t be close. 

... And studies have shown that Loveys can be extremely beneficial to a child’s development.


Our Loveys make for the PERFECT addition to your child’s bedtime routine for so many reasons. 

Here are just a few…


Our fabric is lightweight, breathable, and soft!  Like, ridiculously SOFT!  And anyone who feels it agrees… it is MAGIC! 

Created exclusively for our company, it is softness you won’t find anywhere else.  And when used as part of your bedtime routine, its softness is instantly relaxing and helps baby fall asleep (win for mom and dad!).

And speaking of soft, the backside of the Lovie is lined with super soft fuzzy backing.  The softness-duo means your little one will get to enjoy some amazing bedtime snuggles. 


Sized at 14.5” x 13.5”, it is the PERFECT size for your little one’s hands to hold onto.  And its smaller size means you can also feel safer letting baby sleep with his/her Lovey over a traditional blanket. 



Add an optional teething ring to your Lovey - by using the clever snap design you can easily add or remove it as needed!

IDEAL for your teething baby, our teething rings are coated in organic beeswax to prevent discomfort.   They are also the perfect size to soothe little mouths.



Our fabric is a breeze to clean, which, let’s face it – with all of the action it will see – it needs to be!



You’ve left your child’s lovey behind and now can’t find it!!!  AHHH! 

But… Because each of our products are created just for your child, ordering another IDENTICAL lovey is just a few clicks away.  

Order a spare and have meltdown prevention at your fingertips!  Congrats!  You’ve reached Mom Level – PRO!!!



Choose a design (SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM!) and then work with your designer to create a Lovey that perfectly matches your style and nursery!



Okay, okay…

This one is for you more.  But being able to personalize your little one’s Lovey to make it as special as he/she is … I mean, how incredible is that?!! 


Ready to order?  Click HERE to learn more...  :)




Sonia Herbst
Sonia Herbst

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